Just Another Manic Monday!

As the song says, “it’s just another manic Monday.”

I don’t know whether “manic” is quite the right word to describe this morning. “Normal” comes to mind although a so-called “normal morning” around here is manic, frenetic…exhausting.

What I call “the domino effect” was also in force. One thing goes wrong and then there’s this huge chain reaction and suddenly everything has fallen over. Everything except the kids, of course, who are still functioning on all cylinders and are off looking for their next “adventure”.

This is our morning and just bear in mind this all took place before 8.55 AM.  That’s when the school bell goes off.

Step One this morning, Geoff’s alarm didn’t go off. Geoff pretty much operates like clockwork. No matter what is going on around here, Geoff keeps going. He gets up. Catches the train. Gets to work on time. He is Mr Reliable…dependable and most of the time, he has nerves of steel even though he isn’t perfect. He is completely and utterly exhausted!!

Well, Geoff woke up around 7.30am this morning. I was still asleep and wrapped up in my dooner cocoon with the electric blanket on. I was so, so snug. But it was action stations.

Miss wrote up this checklist for the dog. We use checklists to get through our morning routine.

We have a check list and a rock solid routine. Wake up. Breakfast. Get dressed. Make bed. Homework. Music. Playtime. I encourage them to speed up by telling them that the faster they do their jobs, the more play time they get. Our other incentive is pocket money. We offer them $5.00 per week. I worked out that’s $1.00 per school day. We are still fine tuning the system. We are always fine tuning the system because maintaining these systems for the long haul isn’t easy. It’s like staying on a diet for life. Most of us just don’t do it.

But the trouble with our situation is that the kids are really quick off the mark in the mornings and I am incredibly sluggish particularly in winter.  It can take a crane to get me out of bed and just about every muscle and joint seizes up. I don’t function before I’ve had my coffee and even the kids comment about me staring blankly out the window. I am trying to get to bed earlier but I can’t stop. Like so many people, I am trying to live at least three of four lives simultaneously and I’m just about to combust. I know I’ve added blogging to this list and that is another very time-consuming thing but I need this outlet both for my writing and my sanity. I don’t know who I’m talking to out there in cyberspace but I feel so much better since I’ve met you!)

Bearing all this in mind, I very strongly believe I can be forgiven for not being with it in the mornings.

Anyway, just because I’m not with it, why do the kids have to make so much mess and trash the joint? What are they thinking?

The dog really must be sick…he is sleeping in the trail of dog food Miss left for him.

This morning Miss was a bit upset because our dog wouldn’t go into her room. So being creative, motivated and an innovative problem-solver, she put a trail of dog food from Bilbo’s bowl almost to her room before I caught up with her. It was very clever. She had obviously read Hansel and Gretel and applied previous learning to a current problem. I should count my blessings. She’s smart. Moreover, Bilbo eats dry dog food and so I didn’t have sloppy, stinky canned dog food spread all through the house. It didn’t take long to clean it up.

However, while I was marveling at all my daughter’s amazing creativity, my lungs were constricting and I was struggling to breathe. The pressure was building up inside and I felt so overwhelmed. Last week, I spent what for us was a fortune getting the house cleaned and here she was messing up the floor. I felt like going ballistic: “Don’t you have any idea how much effort goes into trying to keep this place tidy?”

Of course, she doesn’t. She is only 6 years old.

Besides, how could I get mad with her? She just wanted the dog to play with her and as we all know, the way to Bilbo’s heart is through his stomach!!

I should also point out that this sort of thing doesn’t happen when your kids are watching TV, playing computer games or at before school care. Well, it’s what happens with my kids and if I could only get them out the door earlier, I would delegate some of that energy to breakfast club at school (run by the Red Cross) or running in the playground and then I wouldn’t have to clean it up. (Made mental note to self to action this at least one morning per week!!)

Compounding this was the usual battle of trying to get the kids dressed. Nothing was working on this front but we somehow pulled it all together just in time. They were dressed but I was really stressed.

Writing about our morning has, of course, has raised all kinds of issues. If they make a mess, they should clean it up. I enjoy or should enjoy spending time with the kids before school and having smart kids who are wondrously creative is such a blessing. They look beyond the square. Isn’t that what I’ve been encouraging?

Yes, but why does it have to be at my expense?

Well, we were a few minutes late for school this morning but I think I snuck them into assembly without needing a late note. That’s one point for Mum.

Since arriving home, I have made myself a cup of Twinings English Breakfast tea in my beautiful cup and saucer with the red and yellow roses and gold trim. These cups and saucers just aren’t for old ladies. I can sit in my kitchen and be just like the poet John Keats and glut my sorrow or frustration on a morning rose. I can focus on the flowers and ignore everything else around and sometimes even inside me. I can feel my breathing slow down and my body starting to relax. This is indeed a miracle!

I am now flicking through Reflections by Ken Duncan drinking what will be my third cup of tea (this one is now Camomile. You can have too much of a good thing!)

So what is my inspirational quote for today going to be?

Well, the first quote I opened up to was one of my favourites:

Life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans…. John Lennon.

But then I found this one:

Stumbling blocks are stepping stones to victory… Ken Duncan.

That one is going on the white board. I love it. It gives me hope and hope not only opens doors. It gives you vision.

PS A few hours after writing this post, I went into Jonathon’s room and found out why he was taking so long to get dressed. There were three plates of dogfood in there and it was all over the door. Grr!

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