A very touching story from the depths. xx Ro


My Modern Love piece from a couple of years ago.

The Wrong Kind of Inheritance

Published: July 20, 2008
I ALWAYS knew something would happen to one of my children. I never said it out loud. I didn’t allow myself to dwell on it. But the feeling was there: a vague superstition that visited me on my paranoid days, the kind of day that would find me in my children’s rooms at midnight, making sure they were still breathing.
Some of this superstition is in my heritage; I’m from a long line of Slavs, from what used to be Czechoslovakia, where a lot of people believe in curses. But my fear is bolstered by the fact that both my mother and my mother’s mother have lost children in devastating ways.

Sixty years ago, my grandmother daringly escaped from postwar Czechoslovakia to join her husband, who had defected…

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