Summer isn’t dead yet!

Yesterday, we waved a teary farewell to summer as we reluctantly switched our clocks back an hour to mark the end of daylight savings time.

I know I’m possibly being a tad too melodramatic but the end of daylight savings always feels like a death to me. It really does. Even though I might gain an hour and I can actually sleep in, I really love those long, lingering summer nights especially down at the beach.

Once daylight savings ends, the days just seem to go. I blink and it’s already dark.

If you didn’t already know, you can’t half tell I’m an Australian. We are seriously spoilt with our beautiful weather and feel seriously cheated if we don’t have Summer-like weather for at least six to nine months of the year. We are well into what is officially Autumn and it’s still swimming season here but only just! We’ve had a patch of cold weather and some heavy rain but Summer fought back and we’ve had beautiful, sunny weather again.

Friends at the beach at sunset

Friends at the beach at sunset

Anyway, I took this photo of the sunset yesterday. A friend was visiting us from Western Australia with her son and we took them down to our local park and for a walk along the beach. Western Australia is known for it’s breathtaking sunsets over the ocean. I wasn’t even thinking about sunsets as we watched the kids run along the beach gathering bits of driftwood to make a pretend campfire. It was an unexpected bonus and quite breathtaking…a glimpse of heaven perhaps!

It looks like I’m adding “Go to the Beach More Often” to my to do list now!!

xx Rowena

Watching time go by

Watching time go by

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