A Different Perspective on Humanity


Ever since I saw Dead Poet’s Society, I have truly appreciated turning something on it’s head and seeing it from a totally different perspective. Looking at something in a new or different way which challenges me to stop. Think. Not just go with the same old same old and step well beyond the square.
Indeed, beyond the flow.
That is what I love about this photo of Earth as viewed from the moon. We are so used to gazing up and looking up at the moon and yet how often do we ever consider how the moon sees us?
Sure, I know for most of you, the moon sees nothing. It’s just an inanimate lump of rock which orbits the Earth. You gave up believing in the man in the moon almost a lifetime ago. So who cares how the moon’s perspective of the Earth? How the moon sees things when, as I said, it’s just a lump of rock?
Well, I’ve always been a little different and some would argue that I’m in a league or perhaps even a world all of my own.
I am beyond the flow.
Anyway, a few years ago, I was working on a kid’s story where the moon wasn’t just a lump of rock in the sky. It was a character and for many months there, as I lived and breathed that story, I tried to see things from the moon’s perspective…as you do as a writer.
That was when I first saw this photo and I sat on the moon and enjoyed the view. That was how the moon saw us. I really took this view into my heart and loved it… our beautiful, blue planet rising in the vastness of space. It was so exquisitely pretty and beyond that, it was home… my home.  I am a little, invisible part of it joined up with all those other little bits and together we make a whole. We make up this blue planet.
It’s amazing what you can discover when you look at things from a different angle.
You can gain a whole new fresh perspective. You never know. You might even embark upon an entirely different journey.
I am trying this approach with a few challenges I am facing. Whenever I feel negative, I try to turn my feelings around to see the positives. Not in a way that lies to myself but just trying to view things differently. Finding a different perspective.
On Friday night, I will be staying in hospital overnight at the sleep lab to check out how I am breathing in my sleep. Like most people, I don’t like hospitals and I’ve had some very rough times in them. It could well be a time when some really bad memories return to haunt me and I am only human. I am scared.
At the same time, I am trying to find a different perspective. It is one night. I will be fine.
I might even think about this photo while I’m in there. It has a peace and serenity about it which is very reassuring.
It’s much more reassuring than the evening news which is on in the other room.
Isn’t it incredible how peaceful and serene our little blue planet appears from space where all the chaos and the craziness of billions of people just blurs in a blue haze?!!
I think I prefer that perspective, even if it means sticking my head in the sand.
Any thoughts?
xx RowenaI apologise for the formatting issues on this post. All the text disappeared and I had to fiddle around to get it back.

10 thoughts on “A Different Perspective on Humanity

  1. roweeee Post author

    Thanks very much for your best wishes, Mark. It’s really good to know people are thinking of me. I’ve been keeeping this hospital thing low key as I’ve been busy with going away and school holidays and now there are only two days to go and it’s crept up on me. I will just keep repeating: “fine, fine, fine!” xx Rowena

  2. roweeee Post author

    I agree but it’s also difficult to really appreciate just how big and awesome God is. There is another picture taken of the sun from what I think was the edge of our solar system and the sun is a tiny spec. God is hugely huge. I’m not sure how God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit come together. It’s an awkward one but God is amazing! By the way, anyone who wants to elaborate on this is more than welcome. Explaining the trinity is a bit beyond me.

  3. roweeee Post author

    John that is an excellent quote. I love how blogging brings so many great minds and ideas together and the comments can really extend your story.
    Thank you very much for visiting my blog and your comment. I am working on another ANZAC Day story and will hopefully get it up today. I ended up researching the war experiences of some of Geoff’s family members and it was quite an amazing journey. I was excited by what I found but at the same time mindful that this was a war and the horrors of war and what these men and their families went through. Best wishes,

  4. john zande

    Cool. My niece is a Jacka (great great granddaughter) and the poor little thing broke her arm yesterday, on the 25th. The doctor was astonished: “I’m treating a Jacka… on Anzac day!” He was pleased 🙂

  5. roweeee Post author

    Hi John,
    I had to Google Jacka. That’s quite a piece of Australian history. Something to be proud of at the same time, there are the realities of war too and we know they certainly didn’t hand VCs out in your ration packs. Sorry to hear she broke her arm though. Ouch!
    xx Rowena

  6. Greg Bryant

    Hi Rowena,
    … and now you’re a step closer to understanding why I love astronomy. It’s a whole new world [universe] out there. Images, discoveries and concepts that have turned previously accepted theories on their head. The undiscovered country beckons.
    Oh yes, Dead Poets Society – great movie. I think of it often when I meet each year since 1987 with my year 12 English class when we recite the poetry of Keats.

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