Launching Short Cuts to Love

Hi All,

I just wanted to invite you all to come and visit me at my new additional blog called: Short Cuts To Love. This new blog features quick and easy ways to share your love including recipes, activities and thoughts.

To visit Short Cuts to Love, please click here:

Beyond the Flow will continue with it’s broader and more philosophical excuse for a focus.

Cheat's Home Made Strawberry Jam

Cheat’s Home Made Strawberry Jam

My first two posts include a recipe for homemade strawberry jam which you just whip up in the microwave as well as a recipe for Banana Pie you cook in your pie machine. These are very quick and deceptively simple.

Banana Pie

Banana Pie

In case you are wondering where I have been lately, I am in the process of recovering from pneumonia and a minor flare from my auto-immune disease. It has been six weeks now and I’m over the hump but still not better. I won’t lie and say that this time has been all sunshine and light. It has been scary, frustrating and painful as I’ve even managed to pull stomach muscles with my barking cough. My husband has been an amazing support taking the kids to before and after school care for 2 weeks while I couldn’t surface and searching for asthma puffers during the night. Love you, darling!! Kids have been surprisingly good too. I am slowly rising to the surface but it’s taking longer than I’d anticipated.

So that’s where I’ve been. It isn’t a tropical island but I’m thankful to be here!!

Best wishes,

xx Ro

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