From Bag Lady to Grannie Cart Driver

Although I bought myself the perfect handbag, I won’t be taking it to hospital for my last session of chemo tomorrow.

I know I said that it was the perfect handbag but it was actually the perfect medium-sized handbag. Tomorrow, I’ll be taking my backpack because I’ll be needing to take the kitchen sink along with me. I have an appointment with professor and then chemo so I could be at the hospital for most of the day regretting by now, of course, that I haven’t worked out how to use that notepad mini. I need books to read, writing paper and I’m also lugging my huge camera along to get a photo of chemo in action.

Actually, if I was going to be sensible, I’d take my new shopping cart to the hospital. The ladies at the Red Cross shop at Avalon gave it to me yesterday to get all my books to the car. Parking was dreadful and for the first time ever, I actually asked them for a hand. That was when they presented me with the  grannie cart…an easy solution.

To be fair, I shouldn’t really call it a grannie cart because it actually looks rather trendy being dark navy with white leaves and in a style that you could describe as “subdued Hawaiian”.  Moreover, is better for your back than lugging shopping bags around and it’s also good for the environment. I could easily walk to the shops and get the groceries home and save on petrol.

While that all sounds fabulously wonderful, there’s still resistance. I wouldn’t want to be “seen” pulling along a grannie cart even though most of my friends are very environmentally aware and also understand the limitations of my physical health. I have my pride and I’m not quite 80 yet.

Perhaps, it’s just me. I’m the one with the problem. I’m too selfish and too image conscious to do my bit to save the planet.

Well, if you put it like that…

Hmm, maybe…I might be able to give the grannie cart a go.

That is, after I find myself a pair of large sunglasses so I can see without being seen!

xx Rowena

Rowena 22nd January, 2014


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