Prepared for V Day

Aside from not being ready to be picked up, I am ready for V Day. This means Verdict Day but as I said before, I am also aiming for V  for Victory. Today, I find out whether the chemo has worked and that my disease has responded to treatment.

I am being a very naughty girl going anywhere near my laptop this morning before I leave for the hospital. I am being picked up in 15 minutes and I am still in my PJs. I have discovered that you can’t eat and type at the same. I only have one set of hands.

I just wanted to say that I feel prepared for whatever news comes my way today. I am amazingly calm and have been experiencing God’s peace which surpasses all understanding. For anyone who has known me for any length of time, you will know how much of a change…a true miracle…this really is. Just read my earlier posts about when the bird flew into my house and when I drove to Morpeth for the first (and only) time.

I am also prepared. After much thought about the bag and packing situation for today, I have actually decided to use the new handbag and it is brilliant. I do feel incredibly organised and together. I am prepared for taking good notes from my doctor and everything is immediately to hand…including the tissues. I’ll have a spare this time.

I am also taking my camera to get a photo of me having chemo and my journal. I need to record what happens today. It might ust be a life changer. I don’t know but I am prepared.

It really means a lot for me to share my chemo journey with you and indeed so much of myself. I do so very much with the hope that I might rewach somebody else out there who is struggling out there and needs a mate.

Let’s hope that we all have a great day and I’d really appreciate your thoughts and prayers!!



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