Happy Birthday Mum

It was my mother’s birthday this week and it might have taken me almost 45 years, but I finally managed to get it right. Went without a hitch this year. Of course, we all know that birthdays, Christmases and other special events where we all intend to be loving, thankful and focus only on the good, so easily backfire into tears, hurt,arguments and disappointment…and that’s in your well-adjusted family!

With all this drama and backfiring good intentions, it is very tempting to question why we celebrate special occasions at all.




My personal explanation is that we celebrate these special occasions so we can put aside a chunk of time for someone we love, someone we always believe is special but for whatever reason, it is often hard for each of us to make time for each other…especially at the same time. It’s hard enough when you are living under the one roof but really quite tricky when you don’t.

Birthdays are like the red light for all other traffic and a green light with all roads heading to the birthday person. Birthdays force us to follow through with all our good intentions…at least they should!

My mum is what you could describe as publicity shy so like the Oral B dentist, I can’t show her face in this post.

A Cupcake for Mum

A Cupcake for Mum

I would, however, like to thank a friend of mine Mary who always bakes enough biscuits for an army whenever there’s a function at Church. Church was having a morning tea and garage sale type thing when I was on the way to buy mum a German tea cake, which we particularly like. Anyway, I brought home a few cupcakes and these decorated Milk Arrowroot Biscuits which helped turn our afternoon tea into a real party-especially for the kids.

Of course, I succumbed to buying some of the treasures at the garage sale too. This included finding a teacup, saucer and plate for mum with snow bells on it. Finding this on Mum’s actual birthday was very meant to be. My grandmother had snow bells in her wedding bouquet.

A perfect day!

xx Rowena

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