Shock! Horror! My Kids Actually Eat!

This afternoon I was so excited. I’d finally got something right.My two little cherubs were sitting down at the kitchen table eating their home-made Pumpkin Soup with fingers of wholemeal toast and they couldn’t get enough.

Alleluia! Talk about a breakthrough! 

Most of the time, getting our kids to eat anything seems to be a nightmare. That is unless it involves Tim Tams. We have breakfast nightmares trying to get our daughter to eat her Weetbix. Lunch boxes returning home full.Rejecting Master Chef Matt Moran’s sumptuous Flourless Nutella Cake. Chocolate Chip and Macadamia Nut Cookies are even “yuck”.

They are living proof that kids can survive on air.

I can’t tell you how I’ve felt over the years having meal after meal rejected by my kids along with scrumptious cakes, biscuits. Pouring out my love  as I cook, yet they reject it like poison. Not just the like of Brussels Sprouts but even chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake although they do love Apple Crumble, Rice Pudding, pancakes and Butter Chicken.  

Parents, no doubt since the dawn of time, have been banging their heads against brick walls trying to get their kids to eat, feeding them stories of starving children in Africa or poor children whose parents can’t afford to give them any dinner whatsoever. I tell my kids that other kids only get tinned spaghetti  on burned toast for dinner. They’re not given the likes of roast lamb with crunchy roast potato, sweet potato and pumpkin (roasted in olive oil, garlic, mustard and fresh rosemary-not lamb fat).

However, yesterday after school, they both dived into the homemade pumpkin soup I had somehow prepared the night before like one of those TV cooking chefs with the teams of fairies living in their kitchens. This sort of thing doesn’t happen very often around here but I’m trying to lift my game and plan ahead. Have something healthy and ready to go when they get home from school so they don’t head for the biscuits in the pantry before I can rein them in.

This is probably only the 3rd or fourth time that I’ve made Pumpkin Soup and I really am feeling rather slack for not making it more often. My goodness, here I am complaining about the kids not eating and here is a tried and tested favourite. They love it..particularly our son. He absolutely loves it and my mother has been feeding him Pumpkin Soup for years. I must say I find peeling and cutting up all the pumpkin rather tedious although I can’t quite get my head around making it Jamie Oliver style and leaving the skin on my butternut pumpkin.

Anyway, if you would like to make fairly our traditional version of pumpkin soup, you can click through to this previous post:

It comes highly recommended.

xx Rowena

2 thoughts on “Shock! Horror! My Kids Actually Eat!

  1. butterflymumma

    Hi Ro!

    I so know this feeling – my daughter Lou refuses to eat ANYTHING (puts her tiny tongue on it, says “Yuck”, leaves. This is our mealtime ritual). My daughter routinely rejects even my most “gourmet” efforts. Don’t those moments of them ACTUALLY EATING SOMETHING make it seem all worthwhile? Love the pic. Sending you hugs from Canada. 😀


  2. roweeee Post author

    Hi Butterfly,
    Yes, frustrating isn’t it?!! There is so much talk about childhood obesity and people tell me that no child has ever starved themselves to death. A friend of mine who is an OT says children can starve themselves.
    Since we’ve been doing our cooking project, I have actually come to understand more about their likes and dislikes. Both kids don’t like dark chocolate and they like their choco chip cookies without nuts. Sultanas in cake are also out. Turns out that when mushrooms were “yuck” that they were mainly referring to the texture so I’m not cutting them up much smaller and having success. Texture was also the problem with the sultanas in the banana cake. They don’t seem to like bits in things whereas I like the complexity and add bits to most of my cooking.
    Still need to develop more school lunch box ideas. Even I admit sandwiches every day is boring. xx Ro

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