The Sun Sets on Winter: Palm Beach, Sydney.

Goodbye Winter…Welcome Summer.

Last night, the sun set on Winter and this morning it rose into Summer. In other words, we put our clocks forward for daylight savings, gaining a precious extra hour of daylight. Regardless of what we all learn at school about the four seasons, for me putting the clocks forward signals the beginning of summer and being able to frollic on the beach after work or play. Conversely, turning the clocks back, is the death knoll to Summer and the beginning of Winter. Our climate is pretty fabulous most of the time so we don’t get real extremities but we do have a saying that in Sydney you can have “four seasons in one day”. It’s not wrong.

Lady at Sunset, Pittwater, Palm Beach

Lady at Sunset, Pittwater, Palm Beach

The annoying thing, however, about putting the clocks forward is that while we might ultimately gain that extra hour of sunlight, today we lost an hour and I’m expected to go to bed an hour earlier which doesn’t fit in with my writing ambitions for the night and I’m also down to the final 20 or so pages of a fabulous book: The Rosie Process, the sequel to the bestselling: The Rosie Project.

While I’m seriously tempted to rebel and stay up for the extra hour, especially as I had my usual “nanna nap” during the day and tomorrow is a public holiday, the kids go back to school on Tuesday and I somehow need to revert from “holiday time” to “term time”. This is going to require superhuman effort as suspect that I’ve relaxed too much on holidays and may not be able to find my way back.

I always knew too much meditation can be harmful.

I always knew too much meditation can be harmful.

You see, I recently discovered that all my looking out the window fixating at the ocean, is actually a subconscious form of meditation. I don’t know a lot about meditation but there is a relaxation technique where you fixate on a point. I had never thought about this before until I found myself feeling rather sleepy while looking out the window. To compound the hypnotic effect, as the swell rises and falls, it’s the equivalent of what we saw in cartoons as kids where they have the swinging pendulum: “you’re getting sleepy…very, very sleepy”. The waves are literally hypnotic. No wonder I’ve been having so much trouble getting with the program. I’ve been in a trance.

However, as I said before, the trance ends on Tuesday when the kids not only go back to school but all their activities go back as well. I also have to front up for my violin lesson on Wednesday night and I know I’m going to be spending the entire lesson in the confessional: “Forgive me teacher for I have sinned. It’s been two weeks since I last played my violin.” Yes, I’ve been very naughty and preoccupied elsewhere with new dogs, blogs and research projects not to mention kids home on school holidays.

Although the sun usually doesn’t set over the ocean on the East Coast of Australia, you can be lucky..especially if you are on a penninsula like we are at Palm Beach. We enjoy some beautiful sunsets and it’s just beautiful watching the sun set in slow motion through the gumtrees across the bay and watch the delicate palette of colours flicker across the water. The sound effects can be a bit questionable at times. Right on sunset, there is a deafening sunset screech as a mass exodus of sulphur-crested cockatoos takes off from the gumtrees and balconies on our side of the bay and heads for the national park. It’s their daily ritual.

Anyway, as much as I’d like to get ahead of time, yet again, it’s run ahead of me and I seriously need to get to bed.


xx Rowena

1 thought on “The Sun Sets on Winter: Palm Beach, Sydney.

  1. New Journey

    It is fall here, but in the desert its more like spring, hot weather turning into nice spring temperatures….we really don’t have much of a winter, maybe it might get down in the 30’s once or twice, maybe…it does get cooler at night, but nothing like normal winter weather. Beautiful picture….xxkat

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