Jamie Oliver…the Unspoken Story.

As much as Jamie Oliver enthuses about the virtues of healthy, home-cooked meals, I don’t recall him ever mentioning the washing up…!!

Takeaway and paper plates are now looking very appealing.

That said, we all enjoyed our Jamie Oliver supposedly simple Lasagna which included such basic ingredients as minced pork belly, pancetta, coriander seeds and creme fraiche.

My version of Jamie Oliver's infamous Lasagna.

My version of Jamie Oliver’s infamous Lasagna.

Given that these days Jamie Oliver has become a quasi Australian given his campaign with Woolworths, don’t you think he needs to update the recipe with a Vegemite version?

That said, thanks to foreign ownership, Vegemite is as Australian as the Australian Women’s Weekly (now German owned) and…(drum roll)…Jamie Oliver!

Enjoy your meal and the washing up!

xx Rowena

PS: By the way, I should point out that we have a dishwasher but I don’t like putting my good pans in there and once I get started, I might as well do the awkward stuff.

PPS: Yes, those kids are about to get a further initiation into the fine art of washing up. It will be good for their souls!

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