Dog’s Best Friend!

No symphony orchestra ever played music like a two-year-old girl laughing with a puppy- Bern Williams

Have you ever considered why humans became dog’s best friend? Why they chose people over  some other beast? I know it sounds unlikely now. However, way back at the dawn of time,  if dogs and cats had  become best friends instead of enemies, history would not have been history.

So, in the words of scientist Julius Sumner-Miller: Why is it so? Why did dogs choose us?

Another conundrum worth exploring, why is there such a close bond between kids and dogs? Kids pull their tails, dress the dog up in all sorts of clothes, sunglasses and hats and wheel them around the house in the doll’s pram. Yet, despite all of this abuse, the dog still comes back for more. Indeed, dogs are particularly protective of the children in their family.

Why is it so?

Is it, as we humans often like to believe, that dogs love us with a pure, unconditional, altruistic love giving us unfettered affection and undying loyalty? That dogs live and breathe to be with us, love and even adore us?

Or, could it possibly be a case of enlightened self-interest?

I don’t know about you and your dog but our two dogs absolutely live, breathe, think and even see through their stomachs and it’s amazing how their undying love and devotion swells in those gorgeous, puppy dog eyes whenever there’s even a crumb of food around.

My mother-in-law coined the phrase “cupboard love”. She was no fool and not as easily conned as some.

Conversely, when there’s no food around, our dogs are nowhere in sight sleeping like comatose floor rugs, completely oblivious to my existence and that of the entire universe. That is, of course, unless the garbage truck or the posty are going past. Then they mysteriously reincarnate their lifeless fur coats and almost combust in a mad, barking frenzy.

“Properly trained, a man can be a dog’s best friend.”
— Corey Ford (American Humorist)

Lady captures the feral schoolbag.

Lady captures the feral schoolbag.

As much as I am notorious for caving in to pressure and giving tidbits to the dogs, the kids are prime targets, especially their school bags, which house their sadly neglected sandwiches (see my previous post). Being smaller, the kids are also easy targets for food theft as they’re around dog height and also tend to leave food on the floor. Our dogs are accomplished food thieves. Lady has been caught standing on top of the kitchen table scoffing home-made Jamie Oliver Lasagna. Obviously, you can’t knock her taste.

Last night, I caught Lady our gorgeous 2 year old Border Collie/Kind Charles Cavalier in action. She’d not only taken possession of our daughter’s school bag but had also managed to fish out a tasty wrapper.


Lady ambushes my daughter’s school bag and finds a tasty wrapper.


                                It’s not just about food.

What sort of cat could ever provide us with a kennel like this?

What sort of cat could ever provide us with a kennel like this?

Every dog also needs their own castle and that’s something no cat could ever provide!

The Ultimate Kennel Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

The Ultimate Kennel Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

So what’s your verdict? Is it a case of true love? Or do we expose the dog as history’s ultimate cad? Let me know.

xx Rowena

6 thoughts on “Dog’s Best Friend!

  1. roweeee Post author

    Thanks Tom. I did go on quite a search to find the right quote and was pretty stoked to find that one. I’ve heard that there are lava flows in Hawaii and wondered how you were going. Temperatures his 40 degrees celsius here yesterday and bush fires are blazing in the Blue Mountains. My Uncle lives very close to the fires and he is a chronic hoarder but he hoards interesting stuff like antiques and family treasures like my uncle’s crystal set from the 1920s and antique furniture. It would be a picker’s delight if he could part with anything. I always get worried when fires get near his place because it would be like a museum burning down.
    My daughter saw Max’s photo and loves him. I’ll have to show her your blog.
    xx Rowena

  2. roweeee Post author

    Aside from meeting you online Clowie, I haven’t met a Pyrenean Mountain Dog but you have certainly piqued my interest. I didn’t know Queen Victoria had one of your predecessors. She was a very interesting character and I think she would have given her dog much training, like you recommend. I saw a documentary about her and she kept a close reign on her children. Didn’t like them stepping out of line. I’d imagine that she just gave her dog the look and it would stop its antics immediately! I hope you are enjoying some cool weather. Our dogs are getting rather hot. It’s going to be 40 degrees today and we’ll soon have the air-con on. xx Rowena. Bilbo and Lady

  3. Clowie

    That’s a good point about the training. It’s said that the Corgis do as they please because Queen Elizabeth doesn’t believe in training them, so it’s probably just as well that she doesn’t have large dogs.
    The weather here is good for long walks now – we’re making the most of it. Keep cool!

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