How would you respond to this catastrophe?


Mess becomes art!


Chronicalling my Christmas Cake adventures in my last post, I revisited this scene of carnage in my kitchen after the kids made all sorts of feral mixtures using food colouring. I love fiddling round with photoshop and changing the colours and had great fun turning the kids’ mess into this striking work of art.

This carnage took place exactly four years ago 19th December, 2010 in the prelude to Christmas when the kids were definitely being naughty, not nice!  I still haven’t forgotten my fury. The kids were very, very lucky that Santa turned up that year. One of their friends wasn’t so lucky. He received a sack of potatoes from their very grumpy Santa.

It was "creations" like this which seriously motivated me to teach my kids how to cook properly.

It was “creations” like this which seriously motivated me to teach my kids how to cook properly.

How do you deal with stressful situations?

xx Rowena




4 thoughts on “Victim to Victor: Finding Art in a Disartster!

  1. roweeee Post author

    Hi Max,
    I hope you’re sticking to water. In Tasmania, there is Priscilla the beer drinking pig and although she only drinks lite beer, it hasn’t done wonders for her waistline. It appears Priscilla passed away and has been replaced by Pinky. Here’s the link:
    Max, sounds like you’d better keep an eye on Tom. Not sure he is drinking H2O.
    I’m off to eat more chocolate.

  2. roweeee Post author

    Thank you very much, Natasha. It’s taken quite a long time and I’ve read a lot of books and made a fairly conscious effort to overcome the hurdles I’ve faced. What made quite a difference to me was finding out that our brains are plastic and that we can modify at least some of the actual structure of our brain by changing our thoughts. The angrier you get, for example, the bigger the anger cables through your brain become and it just starts snowballing. Knowing that you can make changes to how your very brain is structured, is very empowering and means you’re not stuck in stone. You can become more and more negative or conversely more positive. I am a member of the Muscular Dystrophy Association and they really encourage members, who are usually profoundly physically disabled, to find a way to do something. That might sound like commonsense but it’s very easy to give up before you try. So many of us instinctively put our hands in the air and say we can’t do something before we’ve even had a go.
    So after all of this, I am much better prepared for a disaster and instead of just lying face down in the dirt, at least know how to get up again…usually in my case with a bit of assistance.
    Hope you don’t mind the essay reply to your comment.
    xx Rowena

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