An Australian Christmas, Pearl Beach, New South Wales.

An Australian Christmas, Pearl Beach, New South Wales 2006.

Bush fires are as much a part of Australian summers as going to the beach. With the local bush fire brigade being so critical and an integral part of the community, you often see Santa attending his pre-Christmas engagements on  the local fire truck. Santa used to turn up on this gorgeous vintage fire truck at the Pearl Beach Playgroup every year until is was very sadly sold. Santa has had to update his transport.

Wishing you and yours a loving and peace-filled Christmas and may that continue through the New Year!

Love & God Bless,

Rowena, Geoff, Mister, Miss, Bilbo and Lady xxoo


2 thoughts on “An Authetic Australian Christmas!

  1. maxwellthedog

    Hey! I heard that Christmas in Oz isn’t authentic without 12 deadly vipers, 11 crocodiles, 10 venomous spiders, 9 crazed wallabies, 8 cute koalas, 7 kookaburras, 6 sea snakes swimming, 5 opera houses, 4 Darling harbors, 3 Uluru glowing, 2 shrimp on the barbie, and a Sydney Bridge that look like 1 coat hanger.

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