Max’s Favorite Silent Night

Silent Night is sacred all around the world. Loved this post although don’t think the canine version quite falls under the “sacred” banner but had me in stiches xx Rowena


Of all the seasonal songs, my favorite is Silent Night. I enjoy listening to the song sung in different languages and admit to singing along when alone with the windows closed and a sweatshirt stuffed under the door to muffle any chance of my voice being overheard. It’s that bad.

My all time favorite, perhaps not surprisingly, is to hear Silent Night in Hawaiian. There is a gentleness to that language, a lilt and melody that just appeals to me. My second place winner is Gaelic.

What’s your favorite version? Link to it in the comments!

Oh yeah, Max has his favorite, too. Is it the Pavarotti version that sends chills up my spine? Perhaps the Polish Children’s Choir or Douce Nuit sung in the Toulouse Night Market?

Nahhhh…Max likes the singing dogs and here they are!

Now, for those who’d like to hear Silent Night in Hawaiian, here is…

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