The Santa Quandary

Sadly, my days as Santa are over too. I had to confess the other night. It’s been a rough week and in a way I am pleased things have been simplified. Santa has big boots to fill.


biker santaThis will undoubtedly be my ten year-old daughter’s last year as a believer in the fat man in red. She’s already informed me that apart from her usual letter to Santa, she’s written him a secret letter, just in case her friends at school are right and Santa is, in fact, a big sham perpetrated by her parents.

“You think Santa doesn’t know what you’re up to?” I asked her.

But she wasn’t buying it.

Already, she’s decided that the Tooth Fairy is bogus, the Easter Bunny is “SO obviously” her mom and dad, and don’t even get me started on leprechauns and St. Patrick’s day. This one I actually made up. Not the leprechauns part, of course, but the fact that chocolates fall out of leprechaun’s pockets as they scamper around the yard early morning on St. Paddy’s Day. Don’t ask me why I invented yet another fictional creature…

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2 thoughts on “The Santa Quandary

  1. roweeee Post author

    You too Victoria. I had a fabulous day yesterday, which quite surprised me as it’s been a rough couple of weeks globally as well as personally. Seems like the spirit of Christmas is pretty hard to repress.

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