A Request for The Three Knots

I wanted to In the share this beautiful story about how love and commitment triumphed over cultural differences and expectations to reach acceptance. In the light of last week, it is a very timely story xx Rowena

Another Voice

Thaali My Mangalsutra/Thaali/Mangalyam

According to Hindu wedding rituals the act of marriage, akin to the exchange of rings, is sealed in the tying of the Mangalsutra literally translated from Sanskrit as the ‘Sacred’ (mangala) ‘Thread’ (sutra). It’s also known as Thaali or Mangalyam. It consists of a pendant – a gold ornament containing holy symbols or symbols extolling womanhood (could be interpreted as the female form of divinity), and chains on either side made of black beads strung together using thick gold string or just a plain gold. Usually (and this depends on the community you belong to), during the wedding ceremony the ornament is strung on a thin cotton rope covered in turmeric paste by priests, who go on to perform many homa-s (rituals), get the people attending the wedding to bless it and finally, about 2 hours in, the groom is asked to hold…

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