Personal Legend: Life Lessons from Dancing

This post offers great encouragement to find and pursue your raisond’etre …a great start to the New Year xx Rowena

Sirena Tales

A Personal Legend is the reason you are here…You can fill your hours and days with things that are meaningless. But you know you have a reason to be here….It is the only thing that gives you enthusiasm….”~Paulo Coelho

These wise words came blaring back to me as a friend lamented not being able to discern what she is supposed to be doing with her life. I had just read a compelling interview of writer Paulo Coelho (“O, The Oprah Magazine,” October 2014, p. 142 ) and decided to test his views with my friend.

Not surprisingly, D exhibited clearly what Mr. Coelho asserts: that we do know what our reason for being here is. And that our enthusiasm, our sense of aliveness, is an accurate barometer.

Sure, D resisted delving at first, just as so many of us have: “I just don’t know. I just can’t tell.”…

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