Writers Resolutions

Ouch…there were 2 stand outs in this list for me…finish it and back up my writing. The latter is particularly serious as my husband and I both work in IT…I on the marketing/communications side. Need to practice what I preach…immediately!! xx Ro

Lit World Interviews

Happy New Year fellow scribblers! It’s that brand new shiny first day of another new year, sprinkled with fairy dust, hope, and endless possibilities. Writers all over the world are cracking open the first page of their special edition unicorn diary and filling it with resolutions for the year to come. Some writers are also staunchly refusing to write that list on the grounds that these things just set you up for disappointment when you fail to reach all your goals. I see their point, which is why my resolution for this year is to not set myself unrealistic goals. For those of us who like a challenge, I’ll share a couple of my favourites.

Be Gentle with Yourself

If you’re going to set yourself deadlines to publish, or minimum daily word counts for this year, it’s a good idea to err on the side of caution. Just because you…

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2 thoughts on “Writers Resolutions

  1. jorobinson176

    Thanks for sharing Rowena! I never thought it would happen to me so it really sucked when my computer crashed – lots lots of photos too, so no I try to be good. Hope you’re having a wonderful first day of the year! 🙂

  2. roweeee Post author

    Hi Jo,
    Last night when I saw your comment, only half of it came up.
    It sounds weird to say “sorry for your loss” when your computer dies but we have our inner worlds stored on there and it is quite devastating …especially if you haven’t backed up and creatives are probably not the best with this kind of order. I’m not.
    We also had a hard disk die on us. Fortunately, we had backed it up a few months before but there was that sense of utter horror. My husband works in IT and when I told him the hard drive was ticking, he knew exactly what it meant but unfortunately I hadn’t mentioned it in time. Losing your hard drive these days is potentially as devastating as having your house burn down. I am definitely getting on this backup.
    xx Ro

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