My Dog Post: Lady at Palm Beach, Sydney.

Welcome to Summer in Palm Beach, Sydney on Australia’s East Coast.

Of course, this means that if you’re visiting us from frozen lands across the globe, you’ll need to turn up the heat…a lot!! It’s incredibly hot here and we’re all fighting for a bit of shade. Indeed, a little bit of snow and ice would be most welcome over here!!

Lady...A picture of innocence.

I’m such a picture of innocence.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Lady. Perhaps, you’ve met me before on Mum’s blog. If not, you can meet me here: Introducing Lady

and Portrait of a Lady:

Perhaps, I shouldn’t have brought these damaging posts back up. Some things are best left buried in the past and never dug up. However, the photos are good and as for the words….I assure you, it’s all lies. Mum has an overactive imagination and a real gift for hyperbole. That might be good for her writing but it hasn’t helped my reputation.

You see, after all of her tales, I’ve actually acquired something of a reputation for being:”wild”, “mischievous” and an all-round “bad dog”. I wasn’t impressed at this complete lack of respect. After all, I was just a dog being a dog….nothing more, nothing less. Now, other mums and dads pull their dogs away whenever they try to say hello. I’ve been deemed a “bad influence”.

After all of that dreadful publicity, I seriously considered suing Mum and terminating her blog. However, if there’s one thing you soon learn as a pup, it’s not to bite the hand that feeds you…especially when bacon fat, BBQ chook and juicy bones are at stake. It’s all part of a dog’s modus operandi to encourage good relations with the family cook..even if that does involve suffering a few indignities on the  world wide web.

Anyway, Mum and Dad are serious disciplinarians. So instead of clearing the road of dead rabbits, I’m on a strict diet of tennis balls. These might thrill Bilbo and turn the usually comatose  mutt into some  sort of Olympic champion, but personally I still can’t see the point. Tennis balls taste nothing like rabbit! Yuck!

So here I am writing my first post on Mum’s blog. Once again, she’s off having a nap and I’m getting up to mischief… business as usual. I thought it was about time I had my turn and shared a few thoughts of my own.

You’ll have to forgive my elementary efforts at applying my paws to this a#@*#  keyboard. However, where there’s a will, there’s a way…thank goodness for spell check. Now, even a computer-illiterate, uneducated scruffy mutt like me can connect with the world. Amazing!!

That said, I’m much more adept at leaving messages on posts of a different sort and I can assure you, that they’ve attracted quite a lot of traffic. After all, I’m a very popular dog. At least, I was before Mum spoke. Although I only attract local traffic and 62 nationalities visited Mum’s blog last year, my stats blow hers right out of the water. I mean, if you want to talk about views, visitors, likes and followers, I’m the undisputed Queen. You might think that as a Lady, I might be getting ahead of myself but I beg to disagree. I’m hot and once I clear up all of Mum’s tattletales, I’ll be back to my old form.

Unfortunately, Mum doesn’t always appreciate my popularity. She’s always in such a rush and just wants to keep walking. Raves on about me lowering her heart-rate. That it’s all my fault that she’s put on weight. She even threatens to leave me at home.

But I’m simply a dog being a dog. That’s all. I can’t help it if  I’ve had an enthusiastic response on my posts. Of course, all these messages are terribly exciting for a dog. It’s the canine equivalent to “you’ve got mail!!” Being a deeply caring sort of dog and a good communicator, I just can’t give a stock standard reply to all my messages the way humans do. Oh no! Each and every message deserves a personal response and I must admit that I get quite thirsty after all that hard work.

However, while Mum doesn’t like waiting for me, the same rules don’t apply to her. When she’s chatting, she forgets all about her heart rate and has no consideration for getting me back home in time for my morning rave at the postman. Oh no! She only stops when she’s ready to stop. If I so much as nudge on the lead, then I’m a “bad dog”. Where’s the fairness in that?I know she writes all about egalitarianism and the golden rule but does she put any of that talk into action? Not on your life. I wouldn’t believe a word of her precious philosophical theories. Besides, she gets most of her material from me and the rest of the family.She doesn’t make it up.

Soon we’ll all be seeking royalties!

Need shade. Lady and Bilbo sheltering from the boiling summer sun.

Bilbo and I sheltering from the boiling summer sun in the shade of the boat house. We’re dreaming of a kennel conversion. .

Anyway, aside from trying to rebuild my shattered reputation, I’ve also jumped online to tell you that we’re on holidays at Palm Beach for a few days. I’m told that Palm Beach is where they film the hit TV drama series, Home & Away, except we’re on the Pittwater side, which is better for sailing than surfing.

I’ve been hard at work since we arrived investigating one of life’s perplexing mysteries.

High Tide, Piitwater, Palm Beach on the way out to go sailing.

High Tide, Piitwater, Palm Beach on the way out to go sailing.

For some strange reason, the water in our backyard keeps coming and going. One minute there’s water and slowly but surely it disappears and this whole new world opens up. I’m not talking about your ordinary puddle, which might just evaporate in the sun. This is a huge body of water….so much bigger than a puddle. Nothing, could drink up all that water. Moreover, that doesn’t explain how the water comes back…even when you factor in the waterworks  Humph! I just don’t get it. Where does it all go? How does it come back? Moreover, what are those scuttling critters who tried to bite me on the nose when I dared to investigate?


I was watching these critters this morning at low tide.


There are so many mysteries in this world for a little dog. My head hurts!

While we’re on the subject of mysteries, what happened to all the rabbits? I found one and as we all know, there’s no such thing as just one rabbit. Rabbits breed like rabbits. There has to be more but even I, the master rabbit hunter of the mighty Tenterfield Ranges,  hasn’t been able to sniff them out.

Humph! As I said, life is full of many, many mysteries!

Love & Doggies Kisses,







11 thoughts on “My Dog Post: Lady at Palm Beach, Sydney.

  1. Dean B

    Hi Lady! My name is Doc. I’m so envious of the sun and the heat. Here in England where we live along the coast, it’s all grey, cold and wet. My little human’s mum uses the word “depressing” a lot. Don’t really know what that means, but I have a feeling it has a lot to do with the weather.

    You’re so lucky you have a friend with you at home. The other animal around here is Boots, my little human’s cat, who doesn’t really like me at all. I wonder why?

    So nice to meet you.

    Sending doggy love across the globe,


  2. merrildsmith

    Enjoy your holiday! We got our first snowfall of the year here in New Jersey (not much, but it certainly feels like winter now). One of my cats often contacts Siri on my iPhone, but he has never written a blog post. 🙂

  3. roweeee Post author

    Thanks, Merril. It really has done us so much good to get away. I haven’t tried swimming without the boot yet but went out in the kayak with Geoff and went for a short walk beside the water with the boot on. I was pretty stoked. Do you generally get much snow in New Jersey? We go skiing in Australia during winter but it hasn’t really snowed while we’ve been there. I’d like to experience that some day.
    Take care & best wishes,

  4. roweeee Post author

    Hi Doc,
    Mum read a blog post the other day by someone on your side of the globe finding it tough with the January blues. She put up a list of 10 songs she finds uplifting. Mum didn’t click with that list so much but it did get her thinking. A few songs she liked were: Bruno Mars: “Count on Me”, ABBA: “Dancing Queen”, Pink: “Try”, John Lennon: “Imagine”, The Beatles: “Hard Day’s Night”. That’s a start anyway.
    My Mum gets depressed in winter too at times although she can’t really call that winter.
    I’m sorry I can’t somehow turn that cat of yours into a dog. At my last home, I was one of 7 dogs and I was still living with my dog mum, dad and brother so you must miss other dogs. Bilbo can be a bit odd. He’s got this thing with tennis balls I can’t understand, which is probably just as well because he’s very possessive of his ball. I could care less about balls.
    I’m more interested in trying to find some more of those rabbits.
    Take care and I hope it warms up for you and your family soon. I really enjoyed meeting you and send you a big hug.

  5. merrildsmith

    We only got an inch or two yesterday. We usually get some snow during the winter, but often it’s just a little bit. Of course, we’ve had blizzards, too. We’re near Philadelphia. Enjoy the rest of your vacation–even with your boot! 🙂

  6. New Bloggy Cat

    Hi Lady, looks like you’re having lots of fun at the beach! My humans love the beach too but I like to keep myself clean and dry! \ (•◡•) / Cheers, Bloggy Cat

  7. roweeee Post author

    Hi Bloggy Cat,
    I’ve been having a great time at the beach. I’ve been having so much fun exploring that I haven’t exactly come when I’ve been called. I guess you could say that ‘m not exactly a good role model. That said, I’m still almost a pup. I still have plenty of time to learn how to be good.
    I don’t mean to be rude but I’ve had great difficulty understanding you cats. What’s the big deal with getting wet? The other dog here, Bilbo, he’s not real keen on getting his paws wet either but that’s just him. I’m yet to meet a cat who enjoys the beach and you know, you’re really missing out. There, perhaps you should take that on as your challenge for 2015. I dare you! xx Lady.

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