Lady is not one to let truth interfere with a good story…especially when it comes to boasting to all her mates about her wild adventures at sea. She might have only kayaked 3 metres off shore with assistance but she’s still an intrepid explorer! All it takes is a good photo. Yes, that’s right. Lady is off to explore the world. Can’t you tell?

Move over Huckleberry Hound. Lady enjoying her kayak adventures.

Move over Huckleberry Hound. Lady enjoying her kayaking adventures.

Hmm…Lady doesn’t exactly look like the intrepid sea captain here. She’s certainly rather drenched and looks a bit scraggly but she’s actually been for a swim.

Okay, so I wasn't quite going solo after all.

Okay, so I wasn’t quite going solo after all.

Lady is thoroughly enjoying the Palm Beach lifestyle and like us, will be struggling to adjust when we return to the real world.

xx Rowena

4 thoughts on “Sea Tails of an Intrepid Dog Explorer

  1. maxwellthedog

    Love photo #2 – Lady does not look like she fully endorses this off shore intrepid adventurer business at all. That’s a “get me outta here” look if I ever saw one!

  2. roweeee Post author

    Astute observations there, Max. She was quite keen to get on and paddle around with us but this photo was taken after we’d both got off and she was struggling to get off herself. Geoff tried helping her off and she wouldn’t budge but then jumped off herself.
    Geoff did ask if Max has ever been surfing? Your neck of the woods probably isn’t the place for a beginner!!

  3. maxwellthedog

    Please let Geoff know that Max has never been in water deeper than his, well, knees. He is not fond of the ocean and when we take him he is confined to the shallow ponds along the shoreline. We talk about one day dropping him in deeper water to see his reaction but it sounds cruel when he is so obviously a couch dog, not a beach dog. Besides, with pink skin and thin hair he is prone to sunburn. Not your adventurer Fluff.

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