Beneath our radiant southern cross….mumble, mumble, mumble

Australia Day through the eyes of an Aussue expat living in Ghana, Africa.

six degrees north

Sitting here, on the West African coast, I’m dreaming of another coast, the coast of Australia. For an Aussie girl in a foreign land, it’s a an indulgent memory of a coast of sublime blue, bordered by green which fades into ochre. It’s the coast of my childhood, and while the palm trees of west Africa recall the tropical coast of North Queensland, it’s the yellow sand and the silvery seagrass which backs onto dull greens of coastal scrub that I am remembering tonight.
Indulging in these sweet recollections is a pleasant distraction from todays ‘work’, which has been a mild panic over a long avoided university assignment. This one is on the importance of ‘voice’ in narrative. So logically enough my thoughts have turned to the sound, and more importantly, the authenticity, of voice.
So, what does the Australian voice sound like?
:: Is it the tragic, but much…

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