Dogs of the World Unite!

Back by popular demand, it’s Bilbo and Lady, AKA “The Dogs”.

Every dog has its day and letter “D” on the Blogging A-Z Challenge is ours. Welcome to our universe. Of course, once we heard about the A-Z Blogging Challenge, we weren’t about to be overlooked, neglected or omitted…especially when we’ve been banished outside at the grandparents’ place at Palm Beach over the Easter break.

Hardly a postcard perspective: a wet Easter in Sydney as Autumn sets in.

Hardly a postcard perspective: a wet Easter in Sydney as Autumn sets in.

Just to fill you in, it’s raining. Indeed, it’s been bucketing down and there are also fierce winds which would make the French Mistral look restrained. Although we’re out of the rain on our bed with a blanket, this is no compensation for being inside with the family, even though we’ve been told to make the most of the view. It might be worth millions but so is being with the ones you love instead of being shut out.

You might recall that Bilbo wrote extensively about the Golden Rule and how important it is to treat others as you would like to be treated. So I ask you, how would you like to left outside in the rain instead of being snuggled up with your family by the heater? It’s not much fun, is it?

Moreover, we’re sure you can appreciate that for inside dogs like us, there’s no greater insult  than being shut outside. Far from just being locked out of the house, we’re shut away from our family, love, warmth, pats and above all else, a sense of belonging and being an integral part of the pack. This all means death to a dog.

Lady being quite the "dog hog" taking up both the huge woolen blanket and dog bed, leaving Bilbo shivering on the door mat before I intervened. I'm sure many blokes who've lost the doona mid-winter would say: "typical woman". I do think Lady also tries to live up to her name and sometimes even Bilbo is treated like the "Tramp".

Lady being quite the “dog hog” taking up both the huge woolen blanket and dog bed, leaving Bilbo shivering on the door mat before Mum intervened. I’m sure many blokes who’ve lost the doona mid-winter would say: “typical woman”. I do think Lady also tries to live up to her name and sometimes even Bilbo is treated like the “Tramp”.

What have we done wrong? What is our crime? Being a dog? Just because we were born dogs instead of human, does that mean that we are somehow inferior? Or, were all living things created equal?

Grandparents certainly don’t seem to think so! Not only to they put the kids on some kind of ridiculous pedestal which bears no reflection on their actual behaviour but they also elevate other despicable creatures to lofty, undeserved heights.

I don’t know whether you’ve had much to do with grandparents but they’re funny creatures. They talk about healthy eating but then fill the kids full of lollies and sent them home twitching full of sugar and all sorts of toxic chemicals. They cry poor and then spend buckets on the kids. Grandma has been bringing Bilbo ham scraps all his life and might tolerate a bit of interaction but there’s a real “us and them” approach and why they dote so much on those naughty grandchildren when we’re so well behaved, I’ll never know. In a way, it’s easy just to write them off and say they’re just not dog people. However, once we found out that they batted for the other side, we decided to fight back and stand up for Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

Text displayed on a placard announcing the sale of biens nationaux (1793).

Text displayed on a placard announcing the sale of biens nationaux (1793).

You see, it’s not just that they’re not dog people. They’re actually cat people. We are part of the family yet we’re banished outside peering longingly through the glass, while they all sit around the table and chat. Moreover, as soon as that wretched cat from the across the road even alights on the driveway,they bend over backwards contorting themselves to lure in that wretched fleabag.

That freeloading cat on its way to Grandma's house. Where's the big bad wolf when you need him?!!

That freeloading cat on its way to Grandma’s house. Where’s the big bad wolf when you need him?!!

Cat being cat, it’s so aloof and standoffish and completely lacking in canine warmth and affection. “Puss! Puss! Puss!” They all coax and then there’s  inevitably the ultimate of betrayals when the kids even join in: “Mama! Mama! The cat’s here!! I need some food for the cat” There’s absolutely no support for us. No calls of: “Mama! Papa! Please let the dogs stay inside!!” Grandparents always cave in to the grandchildren. Everyone knows that the little people cast some kind of spell over their grandparents and they can do not wrong. In the process., they somehow wrap their grandparents around their little fingers and manipulate them like puppets and they can’t say no. We know that if those kids pestered long and hard enough, we’d not only be allowed inside but we’d even be sleeping on the lounge!

However, we’ve had no such luck. The kids just keep playing with the cat.

Should read: "No Humans" and definitely "No Cats"!!

Should read: “No Humans” and definitely “No Cats”!!

Sadly, this kind of inequality isn’t just confined to the grandparents. We live in an unjust world. We might not be able to read but we’re not stupid. Dogs aren’t allowed on most beaches. We’re not allowed to catch the bus or the train either. As much as the humans might say it’s a dog’s life, we’re the ones stuck on the leash.

What makes humans think they’re so good? Haven’t they been hell bent on destroying our beautiful planet? They’re certainly NOT the custodians they were always intended to be. We dogs might leave a few smelly piles around for silly humans who can’t even breathe without texting to step in. Otherwise, we walk very lightly on the planet. Unless the humans dress us up like Christmas trees, we’re content to wear the coat God gave and we don’t need superfluous clothes, shoes or all sorts of bling. We’re quite happy with a simple abode although I must admit we’re rather partial to a drive in the car. I guess our carbon footprint isn’t quite so neutral after all.

Yet, we still come out way ahead of the humans!!

All these observations suggest to us that is instead of neutering dogs and keeping us on the leash, that perhaps the rest of the animal kingdom should unite and reverse the order of things. Put the humans on a leash before they blow up the planet and leave the rest of us homeless or even obliterated.

Lady chatting with Max online.

Lady conferring with Max online.

Of course, we can be benevolent to some humans just like they’re partial to some dogs but the hour has come. We have decided to harness the power of the world wide web and we’ve been conferring with comrades all around the world. So much for romance, Lady and Max the Dog were plotting revolution and nothing less. Yes, those gorgeous puppy dog eyes can be very deceiving!!

We get by with a bit of help from our friends and here are some of our canine comrades:

Max the Dog:

Monika and Sam the therapy dog: Tails Around the Ranch:

Rachel Mankowitz:

Geoff Lepard touring Dulwich Street Art with his dog:

Clowie’s Corner:

Doc at Mother’s Little Steps:

Diplomatic Dog:

Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

Dogs of the world Unite!

xx Bilbo and Lady

13 thoughts on “Dogs of the World Unite!

  1. Tails Around the Ranch

    What a sweet tribute to the furry friends from the dogs’ perspective. And many thanks for the shout out! You’re such a dear! Happy howliday (even if it is wet–oh my what we wouldn’t give for a few showers right now–it’s way too dry) from Sam and me! ❤

  2. roweeee Post author

    Thank you very much, Yvonne. The dogs are not the easiest subjects and don’t like the flash but perseverance paid off.

  3. roweeee Post author

    Bilbo is quite the philosopher but his long standing issues with cats are his undoing. He’s quite like Bruce the Shark in “Finding Nemo”…Cats are friends…????

  4. roweeee Post author

    Thank you very much, Monika. You’re welcome for the shout out. I love your blog and what you and Sam do with your therapy. I really value people’s efforts to make a difference and help others. Yesterday, we were walking past a beautiful children’s boutique and I noticed a bird flapping around in the front window and the poor lady trying to get it out. You might be more together than me and I have improved a lot but I had a dreadful incident when a bird flew in our house and got stuck. The flapping really freaked me out. Anyway, given my experience, I dobbed Geoff in to help and we all ended up pitching in trying to get the bird out of the window and out again. That was our good deed.
    Happy Howliday! It was a bit of a howliday our first night when the dogs were lonely and crying a bit. They’ve settled in now.

  5. TanGental

    Our two elderly but far from infirm cats rule the roost here. Dog knows his place and always give them both best and a wide berth. But Dog knows how to up-suck to get the best out of us in ways the cats are too proud to endure. So overall, in terms of intelligence dog wins every time.

  6. roweeee Post author

    The sun came out yesterday and the dogs were thrilled to escape their prison cell beside the pool and both of them ended up on the kayak with me for about a 20 minute paddle. Bilbo had his claws drawn and inside of being down the front and aiding physics, he was in front of me and Lady was down the front moving around and sitting on the edge with her tail in the water. As the water receded, I thought they were going to bail out on me round the bay but pushed further out and kept them onboard. Bilbo capsized the kayak on Mister last year and it wasn’t pretty. The dog trying to climb onto him and 40 kgs of wet Border Collie freaking out isn’t good for a kid. Hope you had a Happy Easter. That’s my E for today. xx Rowena

  7. byrdwords

    Another excellent post. Is Bilbo a border collie? I grew up on a small sheep farm (in the states it’s no more that a hobby farm by Ozzie standards) and we had a succession of them. Wicked smart, if we weren’t careful we’d discover that the dog would be training us, not the other way round! They’re just wonderful dogs but Mom, being the authority in the house, would not let any animals who were not in cages in the house. Unfair to dog-kind in our opinion. Well done, enjoyed it very much.

  8. roweeee Post author

    Thanks! We’re finding it hard to go passed a Border Collie. I’ve had a Lassie Collie who has incredibly beautiful but daft and kept escaping and was very difficult to catch. In the end, he disappeared, which broke my heart but I think we felt that he didn’t really want to be with us anymore. The first dog Geoff and I had as a couple was Zorro, a border collie we found at the RSPCA. It turned out that his owner gave him up when he couldn’t take him to work on the ute anymore and he was hell bent on escaping as well and even snapped a tooth breaking through the garage door. Too smart for his own good. He went everywhere with us…including Christmas lunch at my aunty’s place. He was like our child. Then we saw an Old English Sheepdog advertised in the paper and thought he’d make a great friend for Bilbo. He was a serious mistake. He had been abused and being that bit taller than Bilbo, could get him front paws on our kitchen bench and he’d steal food, swallowing plastic bag and all. He was also a slobber factory but the least said about that the better. After that, we were back to Border Collies and Bilbo came along. He is now 8 and so we decided to start thinking about our next dog and I started exploring online. We were looking at something smaller like a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel but I couldn’t resist looking at some Border Collie puppies as well. Soon, Gumtree was flashing puppies at me everytime I went online and that was how I found Lady, who is a Border Collie cross Ruby Cavalier. Sh eis the happiest dog I’ve ever seen. She’s always wagging her tail and when she hears you coming, there’s a whack whack whack on the floor which speeds up as you get closer. She’s gorgeous. Bilbo is more reserved and she’s a true extrovert. Will talk to anyone! I love my dogs!!

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