Found…Lost Dog.

You know how much I love our precious Lady, a 2 year old Border Collie x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel what with her effervescent wagging tail which speeds up as you approach and her warm, loving, affectionate nature…

However, without being a dibber-dobber, she has quite a capacity for mischief and her sin sheet is long and extensive. In Australia’s past, humans have been transported for lesser crimes or even hanged.

Anyway, Lady’s latest crime wasn’t so much that she got lost, although that she did. It was more a matter of how and where she got lost and what that little black dog was up to, which caused her to get picked up off a busy road before being unceremoniously squashed by the L90 bus, which travels a long and arduous route from Palm Beach to the city.

It was this skulduggery which had her picked up off the road and “transported” to the local vet’s. “Transported” was the word used when sending convicts to our shores and in the case of Lady, who really did deserve to have a mug shot taken, she truly was transported. She was being a very, very bad dog!!

You see, if you have been following Lady’s adventures, you might recall that she found a recently “deaded” rabbit on the road near a park on the Palm Beach foreshore a few months ago. She took off from me and shot off to the beach where she efficiently skinned it and had an instant meal. Lady came from a farm in rural Tenterfield and I had been warned that she liked to hunt. However, being a city girl, I’d never had a dog who could help themselves in such a fashion before. All my other dogs were just happy with their kibble and the occasional butcher’s bone and could only bark at any furry or feathered critters.

Lady must be quite partial to a bit of rabbit because every time we walked near the park she’s take off near the road and I was naturally terrified….especially her being a black dog on a black road. Black on black doesn’t make for good visibility!! Lady was back on the lead.

Being awhile since we’ve been over, I’d naively thought that Lady would have forgotten about the rabbit by now. She’s a lovely dog but she’s no Einstein and she certainly doesn’t seem to remember her name when you call her or other “commands”. You could say that she’s very “laissez-faire”.

Lady out walking in the clouds at Palm Beach, yesterday.

Lady out walking in the clouds at Palm Beach, yesterday.

Anyway, I was walking past the park which backs on the road and is just down from where she’d found the rabbit when I saw Bilbo walking out of the park but Lady wasn’t in sight. Suspecting she was off rabbit hunting again and her chances of surviving on the road were slim, I raced up in hot pursuit. Well, as fast as I could, which is, as you’d expect, is well below the speed limit!! The traffic up ahead had stopped and that did concern me. Had she been hit? What was going on? But I hadn’t heard anything and I would have heard a yelp, a screech. I scanned up and down beside the road for a ball of fur but saw nothing. Lady had simply vanished. I even asked Bilbo where she was but he wasn’t helpful at all and looked flummoxed, which was odd. We walked further down the beach but there were no paw prints and another dogwalker hadn’t seen her either.

By this stage, I was really starting to worry. I’ve lost her down here for a few minutes before but she’s soon reappeared usually running furiously to compensate for some deviation she’d found.

I scanned the beach, the water, the road and found no sign of her, which really wasn’t making any sense. How could the dog simply vanish almost right in front my nose? The dogs can sometimes walk a few metres ahead but they generally don’t wander and Bilbo certainly stays close. This unfolding nightmare was just like a scene out of CSI, where the parent turns away for just a second and then their child was gone. Kidnapped in one of those plain white vans.

I called and called and called her name and no little black dog appeared.

Where was she? What had happened to her or had she simply made her own way home?  I was starting to get frantic!! After all, I love my little black dog!

But she wasn’t at home either and when I told Miss I’d lost Lady on our walk, she wasn’t impressed. “You were supposed to look after her,” she said.

Lady had vanished without a trace from right in front of me and I really had no idea what to do. How could I lose the dog? Miss told me off and said I was supposed to do looking after Lady. She was right. I wasn’t happy when the two kids had ridden off on their bikes once and Mister arrived home saying he’d lost his sister. At the time, I couldn’t understand how he could lose his sister when they were riding together like that but now the same thing had happened to me and I’d lost the dog. Now, I could sort of understand that these mysteries were possible even if I didn’t know how.

I’d barely been in the house five minutes when my phone rang and it was the Avalon Vet. Lady was safe and hadn’t been injured. The prodigal dog had been found on the road, rescued and taken to the vets.

Perhaps, the driver could’ve checked if she was alone before they put her in the car and drove away. I was only metres away from her and as I said, I saw the bus and some kind of delay on the road. I also called Lady over and over and over again they could have heard me. That said, it’s a narrow, busy road where the traffic is awkward. Morevover, there probably wasn’t anywhere to stop.

As much as I value persistence, Lady discovered that persistence also has it’s drawbacks and we also need to know when it’s time to stop and apply the brakes.

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.

Calvin Coolidge

I’m bending the rules a little but this is a second ‘F’ post for the Blogging from A-Z Challenge. After the morning I’d had with the kids, I also wrote about Fractured Fairytales.

Do you have any lost dog stories to share? I’d love to hear them!

xx Rowena

PS: I just remembered that while we were at the vet’s Miss saw a sign advertising Puppy School and she said that’s where Lady needed to go. When we were talking about how F was my letter for today’s challenge, she said: “F for Fail”, referring to Lady failing Puppy School. It looks like Lady will be getting an education when we get home!!

16 thoughts on “Found…Lost Dog.

  1. maxwellthedog

    So glad to hear that the wayward pooch was safe and sound after that harrowing adventure. Well, harrowing for you. Lady probably wondered what the fuss was all about and by the way, thanks for the car ride that was fun and we’ll do it again soon.

  2. ivywalker

    wow… thats a story… and my biggest nightmares all rolled into one! I am so worried my old doggie will go missing some day as he is a bit demented now… there is really no chance of it as he is with me 24/7 but it is an undying fear… That had to be so harrowing for you!

  3. roweeee Post author

    Thanks, Ivy. It was not only incredibly stressful but also so baffling. She was right with me and then she just vanished. My confusion was compounded because I still have some issues with chemo brain after I had chemo to treat my auto-immune disease. So sometimes weird stuff happens and I end up feeling in the twilight zone and this situation sure pressed all of those buttons!! So pleased the scallywag has returned home. I wonder if she will think twice about jumping in a stranger’s car after this but something tells me it will have zero impact and if I don’t have her on the lead, she’ll be back looking for more rabbits on the road and fighting traffic. I doubt she’s learned her lesson!

  4. roweeee Post author

    You’re right. That dog has no conscience. Bilbo, well he wouldn’t have strayed off in the first place and he certainly wouldn’t have got in a stranger’s car. He doesn’t really fancy adventure and certainly believes: “There’s no place like home”. Lady, being very much the extrovert, a bit of a jetsetter and having I guess been rehomed, isn’t quite as grounded. I have noticed that she’s a lot more grounded than she was and isn’t frantically travelling from house to house anymore. I think she was trying to find her way home.
    I can’t see Max wandering off. He seems like a good dog and knows he’s on a good wicket.

  5. cahyanidwy

    I also had lost my dog, but then someone found him.. we were happy to find them again and get the second chance

  6. treerabold

    I am visiting from the A-z Challenge. I enjoyed your story. Having a few full of energy dogs I understand loving them through such reckless behavior. We’ve chased our dogs around the neighborhood many times!!

  7. roweeee Post author

    Miss Lady has been quite the scallywag but as we’ve only had her for 6 months, she is adjusting. Now, she is adjusting to being back on the lead for much of our walks!

  8. roweeee Post author

    It’s an awful feeling, isn’t it!! When our previous border collie went missing after being spooked by fireworks, I went round all the shops with a poster with his photo of it like a parent trying to find a lost child. He was lost over the weekend until the vet reopened on the Monday and they could read his microchip. He had spent the weekend with the owners of a local cafe eating leftovers so we didn’t have such a bad time after all!

  9. Clowie

    I’m glad that Lady is okay. I don’t get off the lead very often – they say I can’t be trusted (my breed has a tendency to go off exploring and they don’t like it)!

  10. roweeee Post author

    Exploring…I think that describes Lady well. I should be more conscious of the differences in breeds instead of assuming Lady will be like Bilbo when clearly she’s not.

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