Autumn Leaf, Pittwater, Palm Beach, Sydney.

You don’t expect to see autumn leaves on a sunny Sydney beach.

Then again, you don’t expect autumn either…just perennial blue skies!

However, while out walking the dogs today, I found a smattering of autumn leaves along the sand, looking rather out of place…at least to me! Yet, they were so beautiful.

I wonder where their journey will take them as they’re pick up by the ocean currents and taken to other worlds!

Even though I’ve already posted Life Lessons as my L for the A-Z Challenge, I though I might just sneak in L for leaf.

xx Rowena

PS: This post received a shout out over in Spain…how exciting! Check it out here:

8 thoughts on “Autumn Leaf, Pittwater, Palm Beach, Sydney.

  1. Shirley Corder

    Lol! Fun and to the point. Like I don’t think of wearing a jersey in April – but that’s what I’m doing right now. Winter’s not just drawing near, it’s descending on this Southern Hemisphere as if it’s in one huge rush to vent its chilly fury on us.

  2. roweeee Post author

    I’m not surprised after such a cold and ragged Winter.
    I thought my Northern friends would appreciate my Autumn leaf after posting all my Summer beach photos and think it was about time I copped my share of the cold. That said, it’s usually quite temperate here and there’s really only about a month of cold.

  3. roweeee Post author

    Indeed, the weather is at that moody inbetween period where we have some really nice days to tease us followed by the rain and cold just to remind us of what’s just round the corner. That said, I love the seasons and that cycle. Always something different to enjoy!

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