13 Ways to Get More Blog Comments Without Swearing

Here are a few ideas if you are looking to get more comments on your blog posts xx Rowena

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Reading an article recently on how to get comments on a blog my eyes bulged out of my head. To my horror such suggestions as ‘curse often’, ‘attack somebody’ and ‘buy comments’ were included as the ‘best ever’ ways to ensure blog comments were acquired.

Is this what blogging is about? This is the best advice available to millions who have a blog?

Call me old fashioned, naive and definitely call me disheartened. In particular to every young blogger who may have done the same internet search I did, this old girl can tell you you don’t need to be a nasty person or pay to have readers give you feedback.

Camogli Italy colored buildings

Below are my top, and might I say gentle, 13 tips for getting more comments on your blog while being a decent human being. The suggestions are based on reading other blogs with pages of comments and on my…

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6 thoughts on “13 Ways to Get More Blog Comments Without Swearing

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Great info! I’ve also read some of the outlandish methods to get comments and follows. .. wow, kind of crazy what folks will do. I’m not really out for that. I’m happy that I do have my core blogging buddies and we have our chats in our comments section. 😃😄😀 Happy Monday!

  2. roweeee Post author

    I am quite torn about how to manage growth on my blog. I really love being personal and intimate but at the same time, I’d like my writing to reach a wider audience and it is hard to juggle the two and have life and relationships in the real world. I have been thinking that when I get to 20,000 views that I’ve reached a credible level. Since my health has prevented me from working for a bit, having some success with the blog has helped reinforce my sense of purpose during tough times. I am also intending to write a book and get published and am hoping that the blog posts are a stepping stone to that. Just need to find the time to go through them and see what comes together.
    Happy Monday to you too. Now, it’s my turn to whinge about the weather. We have very heavy rain and winds here. A tree has apparently fallen on our clothes line (Quite frankly, hope it killed it!!) and there’s a wet towel against the front door. We also lost a pane out of the louvre windows and Geoff patched that up. We Aussies don’t like rain. My mum was allowed to stay home from school as a child when it rained.
    xx Rowena

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