What I’ve Learned by Liz Pichon

This makes me feel better out putting my kids’ books on hold. I haven’t even read them to my own kids, though so before they leave childhood behind, I should at least do that xx Rowena

Nerdy Book Club

Here are some MYTHS about writing a children’s book


  • Children’s books take no time at all to write. They are easy peasy.

  • You can write a children’s book by accidentally brushing up against your computer in your lunch break.

  • Because your children think the story you wrote is hilarious – EVERYONE will love it.

  • Don’t bother listening to those pesky publishers and agents – what do they know?

  • Once you’ve written your story – sit back, relax and watch your bank account fill up.

Here what it’s really like to write a children’s book.


  • Your idea might come in a F L A S H – but getting it down onto paper and working in the right format can take a lot longer.

  • More work goes into making a children’s book then you would imagine.

  • Editors are essential and (for me) a huge and important part of the process…

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1 thought on “What I’ve Learned by Liz Pichon

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    I’d be better at dog books. Not books about dogs. Books for dogs. 😉

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