O is for 温泉

Fancy trying out a Japanese hotspring? See if you can spot the added bonus? xx Rowena

Ariel Hudnall

O is for onsen, or the Japanese word for natural hotsprings. Onsen are the hidden delight of Japan. Many foreigners are turned off by the idea of getting naked with a bunch of foreign people you don’t know, but it is by far my favorite activity to pay for. NJ and I have been known to, like the locals, plan entire vacations around trips to the onsen.

Hot springs have their own culture. Different prefectures provide different types of mineral and ion baths, or, if they’re particularly fancy, tea baths. They come in all temperatures, from frigid as a ice to hot enough to boil eggs (and you can eat the egg after you boil it!)

Images hosted on Flickr. 

Arima Onsen

It is a relaxing experience, soothing aches and sore muscles, relaxing the mind and offering a moment of peace and tranquility for the soul. I am going to…

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