The Power of Water in Irish Mythology

I spent so much time in or near the water (lately that has also included rain) and given my Irish heritage, I found this fascinating xx Rowena


View of storm seascape

It is generally accepted that in ancient times, our ancestors believed one could access the Otherworld via water. It’s understandable; water’s surface acts as a mirror to reflect the sky, mountains, trees all around them. It looked the same as their world, and yet different, easily banished with the merest touch of the surface. Not only that, but the water could be quick to take life if one fell into it, offering the return of only the empty shell of a body. Where could the spirit have gone, if not into the Otherworld?

Ireland is full of lakes and rivers, each of them with their own legends attached. Co Cavan, where I live, is said to have a lake for each day of the year, and I am inclined to believe it; a new watery vista is revealed at every turn and twist of the road, whichever one you…

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