The Seeds That Affirm Me

For anyone who has accept the world of “clutter” and calls it home and also needs a quiet place to write amidst life’s chaos, this is for you xx Rowena

Elan Mudrow


This clutter extends me–

My mess, its own brain–

Every pile a thought–

Every thought a jumble

Of design and organization


If a stack shakes, falls          

Universal collisions occur–

The apocalypse rages

Or, a new thought rises

A dusty mummy breathes


My chaos, an old growth

With a new face, snickering

Laughing vine of sprouts

Growing stems of ideas–

Poems hide in roots


Blunders burrow deep

Or dangle high, falling

From bundled heights–

Aggravation, a sturdy weed

Grasps onto sleeplessness


The tired eye rummages–          

Papers send out sounds–

A scout of a unique code–

The language of crinkling

Becomes the new seedling


Tricky are these creatures

Papers, letters, and books–

They speak in double tongue

Of structure and instability

Wedged within signification


I tell them to shut up–

My ears defy command

Attuned to poly-frequencies

Of heartbeat and electricity

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4 thoughts on “The Seeds That Affirm Me

  1. roweeee Post author

    and my house!! My desk is actually neat at the moment Well, almost. Everywhere around it on the other hand…

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