Where Have All the Odd Socks Gone?

Full marks to my husband! He went and bought himself new socks. However, instead of buying a set of matching pairs, he went and did the unthinkable. He bought individual pairs. Indeed, he bought 7 pairs of socks each inscribed with the day of the week. I guess that’s in case he forgets what day of the week it is. Then, he can simply look down to his feet and have that magic “Ah Ha!” moment. Be relieved when he finds out it’s “Thank goodness it’s Friday” and Monday has been and gone.

However, these Day of the Week socks can be problematic. What if you are wearing the wrong socks? That is, that you’re sitting in a meeting trying to make a great impression when suddenly everyone notices you’re wearing Wednesday socks on Thursday or even worse still…you’re wearing different days of the week?!!

At best, you’ll be perceived as odd. More than likely, you’ll be referred for “counseling”…or worse. You can certainly wave that promotion good bye!!

Not unsurprisingly, therefore, these Day of the Week socks are an absolute nightmare for your sock drawer.

That is, unless you’re one of “them” and you not only pair your socks up but also file them as well.

As you could imagine, Day of the Week socks were just too much for our household.

Indeed, only on their first wash, the unthinkable happened. All 5 days of the week came out of the wash alone. That’s right. There were 5 odd socks sitting on the bed and just to make me feel even worse, there was one naughty sock as well.

Naughty! Naughty! Naughty!

I have long since given up philosophizing about what happens to odd socks and where they all run off to and yet…

Sometimes, there’s a perfectly simple explanation. The pairs have just been split between loads and have simply separately…not divorced.

On the other hand, this doesn’t explain away those “cold cases” where the missing sock never returns.

Over the years, I’ve pondered whether there is indeed some kind of tropical paradise, where these odd socks go. Abandoning not only their partners but also their responsibilities, they’ve parked themselves on the beach sipping Pina Coladas, while everyone else is tearing the house apart trying to find them…the inconsiderate sods!!

That’s one possible explanation.

I’ve also wondered whether the washing machine is implicated. Has it developed some kind of weird odd sock fetish? Or, does it get a bit peckish and simply gobbles them up? That socks were on the menu for lunch? I don’t know but I’m certainly suspicious!

However, as much as missing socks are de rigeur around here, losing five consecutive Day of the Week socks in one load has to be some kind of record. I’m not sure what kind of record but a record all the same. After all, losing all five days of the week, has to be an achievement! I usually only lose a day or two at a time.

Indeed, it was so offbeat that even my husband was laughing.

That’s a turnaround. You see, socks are usually no laughing matter…especially when I’ve been sprung wearing his socks yet again!!

Humph…I guess it’s time I went out and bought myself some more socks.

Speaking of which, these Day of Week socks might actually be useful after all. I might just get them personalized with the kids after school activities printed on them. That way I can just look at my socks and know exactly where I’m meant to be. Wouldn’t that be great?!!

Then, these @#$% socks would actually be useful…the perfect reminders!!

That is, as long as they didn’t get swapped!

Wish us luck. We might yet find the perfect pair!!

xx Rowena

PS It seems I am not the only one struggling with missing socks. Here’s Ann’s saga: http://annofgg.com/2015/08/31/odd-socks-and-ocd/

26 thoughts on “Where Have All the Odd Socks Gone?

  1. roweeee Post author

    I was wondering whether to implicate the dryer. I definitely think it has a role but I wasn’t sure about admitting to using a dryer when I have a green conscience. The trouble is that due to my health issues, pegging the washing can be a bit much so I use the dryer and my husband pegs it on weekends. As Kermit said, it’s not easy being green! Rowena

  2. treerabold

    I think the day of the week socks are super cool. I am a fan of socks and find it quite distressing when one of those little bas*%&s go missing!!

  3. Barbara In Caneyhead

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this humorous, fun post! But seriously, Hubby had to change the belt on a dryer once, and we found were the socks were gone to! The loose belt on the dryer was allowing them to slip behind the drum!
    ~ We made it!!! ~
    Stopping in from Life & Faith in Caneyhead.

  4. roweeee Post author

    Yes, I think the dryer is getting a few votes. I know our dryer was broken for awhile and I’m not quite sure what Geoff found but it could have been a sock. Will have to report back.

  5. backtowhatever

    here as well, but I just thought in general how often I think it’s Friday when it’s just another Thursday 😀

  6. roweeee Post author

    I don’t even notice. I end up either wearing odd socks or more than likely, wearing my husband’s. I do have a favourite pair of spotty socks and I’ve managed to keep track of both socks. It’s an absolute miracle xx Rowena

  7. Sue Slaght

    That made me grin! I will have you know that a few years ago we needed our very old dryer to be fixed .The whole drum needed to be pulled out. Guess what was in the machine behind the drum? You got it. Missing socks. 🙂

  8. Shirley Corder

    Nope. It’s not the dryer. I never put socks in the dryer since I ended up with enough socks to clothe an entire colony of midgets. What strikes me is we are so different – we’re from different continents, have different interests, you’re far braver than me, we have different challenges – but we all seem to have the same darn problem with our SOCKS!!! I think the solution is to buy 10 pairs of identical colours and styles. Then throw all the others away. That way you HAVE to get at least a few pairs out of the wash, right?

  9. Midwestern Plant Girl

    I am so happy it’s finally warm enough to ditch the little troublemakers. Those day-o-the-week socks are very cute. They would last one week here before it was ‘Weds-Sat’ as I’d run out with 2 different days on. Maybe even yadnuS, as they would be inside out also!

  10. Regina Martins

    Oh yes! The odd socks. I wonder where they all go. At any one time there are at least 3 pairs in my drawer and my husband’s drawer waiting for their pair. Which sometimes never comes. I think the washing machine does eat them up or something. Winter is great for me though, because no one sees that I’m wearing different coloured socks under the boots.

  11. merrildsmith

    I think there is some sort of black holes where socks go–but only one at a time. Sometimes earrings go there, too.
    As a child, my younger daughter started deliberately wearing mismatched socks. It made my life easier. I notice that her gym socks still do not always match. 🙂

  12. roweeee Post author

    I’m with you, Regina. Life is too short to be spent chasing odd and missing socks. My husband said he won’t be buying more socks like this and is going back to the large bundles of the same pattern.

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  14. Doug DeBug

    Nicely done and a fun read. About a week ago i saw a laundromat aptly named “The Lost Sock” 🙂 We have a special drawer in our house for all the sock orphans patiently waiting for their lost twin to show up and once more be paired and whole.

  15. annj49

    I used to call my washer “The Sock Eater”.
    Two socks go in, only one comes out.
    Disappointed again…..
    (I think I need to make a blog post about this now…)

    I kept all the odd socks. My collection grew. I used to have not one, not two, but 3 large garbage bags of unmatched socks, always hoping somehow to find the partner somewhere, sometime. Indeed, there were occasional “finds’ and great celebration on my part, not that anyone else in the house cared!

    I began to colour code them to make sorting easier….
    I thought of dyeing them all so they could all be used……
    Does anyone suspect OCD? 😉

    It took may years and much frustration for me to finally decide one day to let the socks go….to the nearest garbage can! Sad, but happy and relieved all at once.

    Thanks for the story and the post idea 😉

  16. roweeee Post author

    Thanks so much Ann for your animated comments. I can relate so much to what you say, except I don’t have the OCD traits but I do have waste. I have a bag of my son’s orphaned socks which has been in his room for so long now that they wouldn’t fit. What I hate about these missing socks is that they can go on very long, extended journeys and then turn up just after you’ve finally thrown the partner out. I’m pleased I’ve inspired a blog post. That’s what this blogging thing is all about xx Rowena

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