Medical Marijuana For Pets?

Any thoughts? xx Rowena

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Plucked From The News…

A Senator from Nevada has decided to introduce into legislation a bill that would allow veterinarians to give medical marijuana cards for animals experiencing chronic or debilitating pain.

Senator Richard “Tick” Segerblom’s (D) proposal to allow ailing pets this option is part of a larger bill that would also change some medical marijuana laws in the state of Nevada. Other revisions are geared toward the human use of medical marijuana such as training for dispensary owners and motorists not being penalized for having marijuana in their system.

But is marijuana as effective at alleviating pain in animals as it seems to in humans?

Although Senator Segerblom has voiced concern that some animals might have adverse reactions to medical marijuana he has been quoted as saying, “you don’t know until you try.”

What do you think? Should medical marijuana be an option for animals? Would you consider…

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5 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana For Pets?

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    I’m not sure it would work for animals, however it’s been proven to work with humans. I’m all for legalization!

  2. Tails Around the Ranch

    Speaking from Colorado, the “Mile High” state in more than just altitude, there are loads of unintended consequences that should be considered. Just this morning there was a story on a local radio station about what kinds of pesticides used in the MJ biz are safe. No one considered that when they legalized medical and recreational marijuana a few years ago. It’s no longer your vintage 1966 weed that you smoked in college when you now need to worry about pesticides and their effects on users. If consenting adults want to use it that’s their choice-just be completely informed on consequences, as for pets…I’m definitely not sure that’s a good idea.

  3. roweeee Post author

    Informed consent a very good point and I hadn’t considered the pesticides and what burning and inhaling those must do to your body. They’re important points.

  4. Tails Around the Ranch

    A lot of people didn’t consider those kinds of consequences; they just saw $$ and loads of tax revenues. 😦 The money being made is crazy and has driven up real estate like nothing I’ve seen!

  5. roweeee Post author

    Wow. So much you don’t hear about. I think I’ve become a mushroom over the last few years. Sometimes this is a good thing but still good to be informed.

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