Max Floats His Boat

Thought you might enjoy this post about Hawaii’s Lantern Floating Ceremony held on Memorial Day. I am looking forward to sharing this with my kids. At the end of term Scout party, they made lanterns and floated them outside the hall, which looked awesome. Their lanterns had scout laws written on them, usually in very cute handwriting.Enjoy! xx Rowena


“I’m not coming out until you promise not to float me.”

Since 1999, an esoteric Buddhist denomination called Shinnyo-en has sponsored a “Lantern Floating” ceremony on Memorial Day to create a moment of reflection and collective compassion and remember those who have passed.

The name “Shinnyo-en” means “a borderless garden of the unchanging and real nature of things,” and its principal doctrine encourages everyone to develop the ability to act with unwavering loving kindness and compassion. That’s a pretty good thing, methinks.

Lantern close upThe original Lantern Floating was a modest affair, held in a lagoon out near Honolulu Airport but grew in popularity and since 2002 it has been held annually at Ala Moana Beach Park, the major regional park adjacent to Waikiki.

How popular is it? About 40,000 people attend the ceremony. Folks stake out their positions on the lawn areas 24 hours in advance and guard their position…

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4 thoughts on “Max Floats His Boat

  1. Joanne Corey

    I haven’t had a chance to talk to her in depth about it yet, but she posted a photo from it, saying the picture couldn’t do it justice.

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