Why Baby Loves Grandma!

Came across this photo tonight taken when my daughter was only four week’s old and she’d already developed a fine appreciation for Grandma’s gold jewelry.

That was taken about 9 years ago and she still has her grandparents wrapped around her little finger. That said, Grandma has retained custody of the gold necklace.

Even in her sleep, Miss isn't letting go of Grandma's necklace.

Even in her sleep, Miss isn’t letting go of Grandma’s necklace.

Revisiting these photos, reminded me of the incredible importance of seizing the moment. The fleeting transience of each and every passing moment…sands slipping through the hour glass in seconds.

Reminds me not to take anything for granted and to cherish the past and present as we step into the future with all its new advenures.

xx Rowena

12 thoughts on “Why Baby Loves Grandma!

  1. Eli Pacheco

    Wonderful reminder. It’s not just the fireworks in life that should grab our attention. Sometimes, it’s what happens between the fireworks that is the most incredible.

  2. roweeee Post author

    Thanks, Monika. `I am trying to organise my photo files on my PC. Oh my goodness! Thought this was too precious to stay lost xx Rowena

  3. roweeee Post author

    It was interesting because it’s quite a simply photograph and yet it captures a moment and how small children do go for the jewelery and that glitters. It’s something most of us never grow out of.

  4. roweeee Post author

    s what promted me to sort mine out. Last weekend, after we’d been to the navy base, we went into Surry Hills as I wanted to show the kids where my family first settled in Sydney so they could picture the place. We stopped off at a framing shop which is located on the premises where the family business used to be and chatted to the owner and I said I’d email his some photos. Most were easy to find but there was this one of a daisy stove and I searched everywhere. It took hours to find it but then the penny finally dropped and I managed to get the grey matter working again. It’s going to take a long time but am looking forward to getting it sorted. I have mine orgnised by year and then month with a reference to the event. I aaaam also putting together a few themes. Need to look for some good cataloguing software that isn’t up in the cloud.

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