This is not Hollywood

I thouoght you might enjoy exploring a touch of Ireland today and here are some street murals in Belfast. xx Rowena



 This is one of the most politically influenced societies in the Western World.

Walking through the streets of Belfast will leave you with a sence of confusion, inspiration, interest and intrigue. The walls of the old town are adorned with murals of an ever-changing design.

Once the gable walls of the inner city streets were reserved solely for political and violent intent and homage. They are still there of course, but they are not the only ones to be found.

Which ever road you take, you are never far from the politics of the place. Every now and then the hills around Belfast express their interest in the affairs of this part of the Island, in the form of huge letters that can be seen for miles around.

Yesterday they read:    SOS.      ‘WALL ST RAPES IRELAND’.

This message was put there by small business owners concerned that…

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