Are you eulogy ready?

An excellent, evocative post. Are you an inspiration or just caught up in the busyness of life or more focused on No. 1? Here’s some challenging food for thought linked through to a great TED Talk. xx Rowena


Two things juxtaposed this week, giving me food for thought.

A prominent politician, Charles Kennedy died unexpectedly aged 55 having recently lost his seat in the General Election. In Parliament this intelligent, witty and honourable man was given the sort of cross-party eulogy rarely heard these days. I didn’t necessarily agree with his politics very often but as the then leader of the Liberal Party back in 2002 he was the only party leader to say our involvement in the Iraq war was wrong. He won my next vote with that speech. He was consistent, forensic and compelling. He did not give in to the Siren voices that closed their minds to both sense and reality. He was the sort of politician I admire. He was also an alcoholic who fought his own demons with the same openness and honesty he brought to the House of Commons.

Yesterday I attended…

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