What the dog fears …

For the dog lovers having a spot of bother with discipine out there, here is the word on how to get that dog into line xx Rowena

Little Steps

On September, Doc turns two.  Hopefully by then he would have calmed down a little bit more and who knows, might just be a tad less annoying.  Of course, I say this fondly.  He is after all a part of our family and Doc and little T adore each other.  When mentioning our little family, she always includes Doc.

The truth is, this medium sized bundle of fur can be a bit infuriating and embarrassing especially when we have guests around.  He’ll jump and slobber all over them too and as you know, not everyone likes this, especially those who are not dog-people.

Most times though, he’ll respond to a “down” or “away Doc” but when there are others.  he forgets all his commands and just shames us, his humans.  Recently though, little T and I discovered that he responds to one name.  When this name is uttered, he immediately…

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One thought on “What the dog fears …

  1. derrickjknight

    This one reminded me of trying to escape the attentions of our wet-nosing collie/labrador cross when watching television. In self defence I would stroke her head until I’d had enough. I would then say ‘That’s yer lot’, and off she would wander to the next victim.

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