The Dog and her Castle

Apparently, humans are not alone in needing their castle. It appears that a certain dog also needs her own castle. Once again, Lady has usurped her position in the hierarchy and has taken over our home and made it HER castle!!  After all, why stop at a kennel when you can take over the entire house…especially when you’re a “Lady”!By the way, she’s also set her sights on our car and world domination is only a few paw prints away.

Not that our place is a castle. It’s actually more of a “renovator’s dream”, which as is often the case, has become more of a “renovator’s nightmare”. It’s now 14 years since we bought the house and although we’ve made some progress, we’ve been stuck in some kind of perpetual holding pattern for a considerable slab of time. Actually, we’ve steadily been going backwards.

The iconic Australian movie.

The Castle…an iconic Australian movie.

Now, if you’re not from Australia or New Zealand, you might not pick up that there are castles and then there’s: THE CASTLE!! A movie which turned a humble weatherboard home located right on the edge of Sydney Airport into the Taj Mahal.After receiving a resumption notice to extend the airport, blue collar worker Darryl Kerrigan,went all the way to the Australian High Court to save their home, saying:”I don’t want to be compensated. You can’t buy what I’ve got!” This is, therefore, your classic tale of David versus Goliath and even though it parodies the working class Aussie battler., it does so with a sense of admiration and near reverance, not ridicule.

The Infamous Pool Room.

The Infamous Pool Room.

The Castle’s inner sanctum was the “Pool Room” where anything special was proudly put on display:Now, when someone receives a present they really love, you’ll often hear: This is going straight to the pool room.”

Son Dale and father Darryl comb through the pages of an Australian classified adveretisments newspaper called the Trading Post. Dale would find the most extraneous items such as jousting sticks and Dad would ask how much they want for them. and in a phrase that has now been incorporated into the Australian vernacular, Dad would reply: “Tell him he’s dreaming!!”

Another interesting scene in the movie is a trip to the family’s holiday house at Bonnie Doon. which is surrounded by a veritable jungle of towering powerlines. I’ve actually driven past where that scene was filmed and those powerlines truly dominate the landscape! You’ve got to say that it was definitely a case of  “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.  or that “life is what you make it”.

As far as our place is concerned, I certainly don’t consider it my castle but perhaps once the renovations are “done”, I might be able to view it as more than some kind of sandcastle. To be honest, it would be great to denote the place and rebuild rather than renovate but small steps…

Meanwhile, Lady is back out to her kennel. Actually, it’s Bilbo’s kennel and we’re not exactly sure who’s sleeping where but they have been spotted sharing Bilbo’s kennel. However, as they’ve both had the snip, this isn’t quite as “romantic” as it sounds. They’re probably just cold…lonely…

Meanwhile, I’m dreaming of a different sort of castle. Indeed, I wouldn’t mind a chateau but right now I’d be ecstatic just to have a house that didn’t need any work and was “done”.

I’m sure Geoff would more than second that motion!

xx Rowena


15 thoughts on “The Dog and her Castle

  1. TanGental

    I don’t think houses are ever ‘done’ are they? Certainly none of ours ever have been. Like the idea of the castle. Little man against the odds and all that.

  2. roweeee Post author

    You would love it. It’s like an Australian version of The Full Monty but more cheerful. It’s pretty upbeat most of the time…and delightfully quirky!

  3. Tails Around the Ranch

    It’s funny how pooches just suddenly decide everything falls into the “it’s mine!” category. The rule in the house is no dogs on the furniture unless invited. The other night when I was able to catch a bit of the Stanley Cup playoffs, Sam just walked over and hopped up on the sofa like it was his. No invite, nothing. And then gave me the most disdainful look ever when I asked him what he thought he was doing. Oh that dog! 🙂

  4. roweeee Post author

    I also just remembered you’re a legal eagle and you’ll laugh at the court scenes where Darryl represents himself in the HIgh Court. Here’s one quote I found:

    Federal Court Judge: And what Law are you basing this argument on?

    Darryl Kerrigan: The Law of bloody common sense!

    xx Ro

  5. roweeee Post author

    Agreed. I found Lady in my daughter’s bed during the day. Naughty dog but as I mentioned she does like to usurp her position, which really is at the bottom of the pecking order but she’s working hard to tip that order on its head.

  6. roweeee Post author

    You know soon you’ll be needing therapy after his antics.
    I was chatting to the guy who owns Sam, the Old English Sheepdog, down at the beach and he was telling how he took him to get clipped and came back with a poodle cut where all around his front paws were trimmed. It sounded frightful but I would lik to see a photo. Does sound rather funny as well!

  7. roweeee Post author

    Yes, I definitely try to fly under the radar there. I was hearing about this case on the news tonight, which you might find interesting. Another Shapelle Corby type character bringing a DVD player into Australia for friends he’d met online and paid for his trip to China. Hello!!! Hasn’t he ever heard “no such thing as a free lunch”?!!

  8. roweeee Post author

    the weird thing about this guy was that he’d been a Finance Manager for a car dealership, which makes him hardly naive. It seems that the simple life has its rewards after all!

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