Photoshopping the Future

While I was was frantically cooking dinner with my head poised over a hot pan, my daughter approached me with this statement…this wish:

“I wish I could Photoshop the Future!”

Miss, Aged 9, Monday 22nd June, 2015.

Photoshopping the future…I’d never thought about that.

Sure, all of us have photoshopped the past, more particularly OUR past, in some way or another…a bit of a snip here deleting the past from a photograph. Journals burned. Moving to another city or even country to start over.

Yes, we’ve all done a bit of that.

However, photoshopping the future had me thinking…What did she mean?

Of course, she’s at school while I’m trying to nut this out and perhaps my musings and interpretations are more profound than her intentions but we do use photoshop at home. Usually, it’s just to give an image that lift that you used to get in the photo lab back in the day. However, we also have a bit of fun changing the colours and upping or downing the hue and saturation. This is where you can totally alter your reality and end up in a world of lurid fairy floss, dazzling skies and it seems anything is possible!!

Is this what she meant? Did she want to live in this way out, psychedelic world of the imagination where anything was possible with the touch of a mouse? A world that is creative, fun and stretches (if not breaks) all the rules?

Or, was she perhaps seeking a perfect world where there is no sickness, no death, where everyone is nice and there are no bullies and everyone is your friend? Knowing her and how she also wants to be Queen of Australia when Australia finally becomes a republic, she probably wants all of that and I’ll put my order in too.

Why shouldn’t we photoshop the future and start turning the world into a safe and happy place for everyone, despite those old divides of gender, race and class?

I’d also like to add a new divide: difference. “Difference” embraces all those who don’t easily fit into any box and struggle to find a friend or a soul mate. This also includes those who could well be perceived as part of the group and yet keenly feel that sense of difference. Even though they might fit in on the outside,they don’t fit in on the inside. They’re extremely conscious of being on a different wavelength and not fitting in, not connecting with the herd. They might not want to fit in either…or just now and then but in some way that doesn’t involve completely selling out.

Feeling the need to blend in and conform to a set of rules and ideals, is something I’ve experienced myself. Like trying on a new pair of jeans, I’ve felt the rules restrict and constrain as I try to squeeze in and force the zipper shut against the odds. On the other hand, the jeans have also been too big and they’ve fallen down, swimming by my ankles. Yes, we do need social rules, the law and some sort of social boundaries, but we also need to love and offer acceptance to a broader concept of what it means to be human, “one of us”, part of the herd.

At best, the alternative is a dull grey or poo brown world where all the diversity and colour has either been mix in so much it disappears or it is left out entirely.

That’s not a world I want to live in. How about you?

We, therefore, need to become the change, stepping out of our comfort zones and building bridges towards those we have perhaps ostracised in the past and look for what we have in common, instead of what divides.

After all, right around the world, we have already experienced evil at it’s ugliest worst.

It is up to us to be the spark which creates, or indeed, “Photoshops” a new, much brighter future.

Love & God Bless,


PS I have Photoshopped the rainbow painting used in this post in keeping with the theme. The original photo had a bit of glare and so I started Photoshopping that out as well but before I knew it, I was also Photoshopping out the brushstrokes, which gave it character and individuality as well as imperfection. So, after doing the blue, I stopped. This gives you an appreciation of the effects of conformity and using the machine to standardise and perfect whereas the other colours show a more “slapdash and expressionist” approach. Indeed, when it comes to describing my painting style, that’s actually a perfect description!

18 thoughts on “Photoshopping the Future

  1. colinandray

    What a lovely concept ………… photoshop your future. A wonderful idea especially for one so young. I hope she understands that she does not need photoshop to shape her future, just lots of patience, lots of will power, and a ton of motivation to get things rolling. Encourage. Encourage. Encourage. 🙂

  2. roweeee Post author

    Photoshop certainly does seem like the easy way out, doesn’t it?!!
    Another thing to add to your list is small steps. She certainly has a lot of will power but that undermines the patience. Wants to get there yesterday or preferably even last week! Thanks for commenting xx Rowena

  3. roweeee Post author

    Photoshop is quite a lot of fun because it can completely change your image, creating an alternative “reality”. I’ll have to post some of my more freaky before and afters.

  4. New Journey

    She’s on to something for sure…I would of loved to had the chance to Photoshop my job. House. Even neighbors.. Lol..but the rest willy nilly… Love a good challenge in life….love your little girls mind….

  5. roweeee Post author

    Yes, I know I’m her mother but she’s got something very special about her…right from when she was very small. She pulled off a Dinction in the University NSW SWcience Competition last year, which placed her in the top 8% nationally. She seems to have a very inquiring mind. Asks me all sorts of questions, which are usually left field. Things I’ve never even considered. When she was four, she asked me how leaves fall from the trees. She by-passed the usual questions and ended up there. i, of course, had no idea and thank goodness for Google. It turned out the leaves release a chemical that literally snips off the leaves.
    It’s made me consider that it’s not knowing the most that makes you intelligent but asking questions and the sort of questions you ask…the not knowing, which is such a reverse of conventional wisdom.

  6. roweeee Post author

    Thanks, Liv. It’s taken me a long road to reach this point, as I’ve had a lot of trouble accepting difference in myself and was told that if we were all the same, a shade of grey, how boring it would be and slowly but surely that conversation worked on me and helped me accept myself more and feel a sense of peace.

  7. New Journey

    That’s fabulous…she is a gifted child….in the US in California they have special classes for gifted children and it helps them expand their mind and pushes the envelope…..good for her and how wonderful for her to have a mom that is also smart!!!

  8. Blogitudes

    I dabble with Photoshop and love your daughter’s thought. How wonderful it would be if we could use it on the future – or even the present. If we could erase or edit out all the racism… If we could add in love and compassion everywhere it’s needed… What a wonderful world it would be! When I hear stories of wonderful things said and done by the children of today (such as this one from your daughter), I can visualize a Photoshopped world – one that is kinder and more compassionate. I pray they hold tight to the paintbrush they’re currently using and paint the world over with their beautiful hearts in the years to come. 🙂

  9. roweeee Post author

    Thank you very much. I really appreciated your beautiful comment and also your own efforts to make a difference to our troubled planet.
    Unfortunately, it is also the case that these little hearts also need a fair bit of work. It’s been the last week of the Winter school term and I hope that somehow accounts for the fractious relationships they’ve had with their friends this week. Anyone would think they’re in a battlefield, rather than going to school what with talks of enemies and rival actions. Might need to Photoshop the present as well! xx Rowena

  10. roweeee Post author

    She has been in an accelerated class but we’ve had a lot of stress with me being sick and then her this year but she will be sitting for a test next term to get into what we call Opportunity Class. I just hope her smarts can translate to the page. She is quite a novel and intuitive observer and thinker and that doesn’t always come across.

  11. New Journey

    Both my kids were in the gate program, my daughter exceled in it, but my son said he didn’t like being with the brainy kids, lol, could he go back to his old class….so I did as he wished and he exceled up to high school where then he exceled in getting by with the bare minimum needed to graduate….the office told me they had never seen a kid graduate so close to the line…he hated high school and he went to summer school every year for 3 years, later I found out he told me he did that because he felt like it was a waste of his time for 9 months listening to all the blah blah from the teacher when he could get it in 6 weeks over the summer…he had it figured out to the half a point what he needed to I call that being smart but acting dumb…it wasn’t until later that he finally understood what I had been trying to drill into him about needed the credits for college…I even tried taking him to precollege seminars to help him understand the importance of preparations for college…but he was and has always been my stubborn one…sounds like you have a very smart young lady…if she is anything like my daughter, she will blow them out of the water and they will see she’s an intuitive thinker…how wonderful for her…

  12. roweeee Post author

    Thank you so much for the encouragement and understanding. I so relate to all you described about both your kids!
    I just had to share with you a very stressful but also funny moment I had with Miss when she was 4, not long before she was going to start school. We were doing some drawing and she was getting very frustrated because she couldn’t draw Bob the Builder’s friend I think his name is Hanny Manny but I hadn’t heard of him and didn’t mention Bob the builder straight away. She got so angry with me and so frustrated at my ineptitude that she stanbbed the paper with the texta and the ink flared out. This was quite an achievement because she was using these little Crayola stubby textas designed for pre-schoolers and to get them to flare like that look a lot of force and considerable angst!!

  13. roweeee Post author

    Thanks, Michelle. I was pretty blown away when she mentioned it. I also thought about the merits of photoshopping the past, which also seemed tempting initially but realised that happens way too much already and we need to learn from the bad rather than removing it from both our public and private histories xx Rowena

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