Reflections: 1st Anniversary Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17

Yesterday, marked the 1st Anniversary of the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 over the Ukraine on the 17th July, 2014.

My deepest sympathies are extended to all those who lost loved ones in this disaster and our family sends you our love. I can’t even imagine your grief and yet, I have been deeply touched by what happened and wanted to honour those who lost their lives. They were simply everyday people traveling on board a plane like most of us have done at some time. Reading, eating, sleeping…they had no inkling of what was about to transpire. Meanwhile, family and friends anticipating their arrival home with great excitement, were absolutely devastated. They still are.

As you might be aware, I have written a little about this incident and recently received sunflower seeds, grown from seeds which were salvaged from the crash site. I will plant these seeds as an ongoing tribute to those whose lives were brutally cut short as well as a reminder to carry their legacy forward.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke

We usually struggle to know what we as individuals can do in the aftermath of such horror. Small and insignificant, it’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed. That there’s nothing we can do. Yet, when you look at a tiny, little sunflower seed and realise all that it can become, it makes the impossible seem possible.

A personal message from journalist Paul McGeogh & Kate Geraghty who sent me the sunflowers.

A personal message from journalist Paul McGeogh & Kate Geraghty who sent me the sunflowers.

After all, that tiny sunflower seed not only grows into huge, glorious, yellow flower bobbing above the horizon like the sun. That one sunflower head can produce as many as 1000-2000 seeds. Each of those seeds can then go on and produce more sunflowers and before long there is a never-ending, golden field overflowing with golden flowers, floppy leaves and hope. Those sunflowers are an unstoppable force.

So is love!

Seeds of hope.

Seeds of hope.

Indeed, each of us has the same potential as that sunflower seed to be the difference and touch our world and be touched…not only by the sun but also by the tears.

We just need to plant the seeds and keep watering them with our love.

Of course, this won’t bring back those who died in this tragedy but that love can triumph over evil and hate…could this be their ongoing legacy?

I guess that’s what planting those precious sunflower seeds means to me.

Love and God Bless,

Rowena and Family XXOO

7 thoughts on “Reflections: 1st Anniversary Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17

  1. New Journey

    If you are cultivating seeds from your plants, I would be happy to plant some in my garden to help carry on the memory of those lost on that awful day….kat

  2. roweeee Post author

    That would be great, Kat. I’ll keep you posted. I don’t think we’ll be planting generation 1 for a few months yet. They’ll freeze to death out there! xx Ro

  3. merrildsmith

    It’s such a wonderful tribute. I was also going to say that perhaps the seeds could be shared with others. I’m the worst gardener, but I remember reading about a local library that had a seed library. If there’s something similar where you are, perhaps you could share yours.

  4. roweeee Post author

    Definitely. It is still too cold to plant them yet but I must get the wheels in motion. I feel like growing these sunflowers in a glass jar, particularly now that I’ve become more aware of the insect pests which enjoy them as much as us humans. They feel so vulnerable and yet sunflowers were never meant to be free and waving in the sun. All I can do is give them the best chance and hope they grow up and seed. That’s a tough one for me!!
    xx Rowena

  5. roweeee Post author

    My current thoughts are to grow the first generation at the local high school and once we get a few flower heads then sharing the seeds. I need to do everything I can to give that first generation a chance to grow so we have some backup stock. As you could imagine, I’m a lousy gambler.

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