Ladies & Gentlemen, meet…Belinda Crane

I love it when people write straight from the heart and I also appreciate it when I learn something new that deepens my insight and this beautifully written post from Belinda Crane had both covered. Enjoy! xx Rowena

Hugh's Views & News

Welcome to the August edition of “Ladies & Gentlemen, meet”, where every month I invite a guest blogger to write a post.

Belinda Crane Writer and Blogger: Belinda Crane

This month I am delighted to welcome Belinda Crane (also known as Bee) to Hugh’s Views and News.

Like myself, Bee writes short stories and as soon as I read her first short story I was completely hooked by her style of writing.  Bee is a huge fan of Stephen King and I really do compare her writing to that of the Master of Horror and Suspense.

Her stories will take you on a roller-coaster of a ride and will always leave you wanting more.  She writes about other stuff as well, not just short stories, and only started blogging in April this year.  She’s gained a lot of fans, especially for her short stories, and I am delighted to introduce you all…

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