Look What I Caught!…Yacht at Sunset Palm Beach, Sydney.

Photography is like fishing.

Sometimes, everything goes your way and it’s like the heavens are twisting and turning, metamorphosing into the most magical images right before your eyes and you just can’t believe your incredible good luck!

Conversely, there are those incredible disappointments when you return home empty handed, hopes dashed against the proverbial rocks.

Of course, this pain is much more intense when you’re traveling and can’t wait, go back or replay. It is what it is.

Or, if you’ve experienced some kind of technical “blip” and screwed up. This is far worse because instead of thinking about what might have been, it was and it was your own stupid ineptitude which killed the moment…just like flushing a tropical fish down the proverbial toilet. You could see and almost taste perfection and then all you had left was the ashes. Ouch! Such pain! Of course, images of Munch’s “The Scream” come to mind here and almost do it justice.

Anyway, today was my lucky day! While we were catching the ferry home, it was like a miracle. The entire sky was lit up with incredibly photogenic sunburnt orange. Indeed, it was so intensely beautiful, that it almost didn’t look real. I mean, you’d have to think the sky had been photoshopped if it wasn’t there right in front of your very own eyes. I took a swag of shots including this slumbering yacht parked at Sydney’s Palm Beach. It was all completely unplanned and pure luck…or perhaps, serendipity.

Needless to say that my trigger finger is suffering from extreme over-use. I just couldn’t stop carpe diem seizing the moment.

Surely, I must’ve died and gone to heaven only now I’m back home and tomorrow will be a very rude shock…

Monday morning!!

Oh! The cruelty of it all!

Think I might just close my eyes and “Play it again, Sam”. After all, “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”! (John Keats)

xx Rowena

14 thoughts on “Look What I Caught!…Yacht at Sunset Palm Beach, Sydney.

  1. Pierced Wonderings

    What a beautiful photo! You are right that photography is kinda like fishing – although I find that the more I practice…consistently…the better at it I get. It’s been pleasantly decent lately 😉

    I host a Photo Friday link-up each week, and I would love to have you consider joining us.

  2. New Journey

    I have to share….your title: Photography is like fishing, well when I first read your post, I didn’t have my glasses on…I thought it said…Pornography is like fishing….I nearly broke my neck doing a double read…LOL I am still smiling….sorry about that my friend….but good picture….you were at the right place at the perfect time….still shaking my head…LOL XXXX kat

  3. roweeee Post author

    Kathy, that’s so funny!! Yes. Right place right time. Had my camera and the battery was charged and not left on the charger. Oh yes! Memory chip loaded and cleared as well. Unfortunately, it takes so much more than luck and a good eye to get these shots and yesterday was my lucky day. Make that a miracle! xx Ro

  4. roweeee Post author

    Thanks, Kath. Don’t know if you heard about the bloggers bash at the British Museum recently but I was thinking we should organise one in Sydney. At the same time, that inner critic in me pipes up and wonders whether it would be like Internet dating and it’s better to maintain the mystique.

  5. Minuscule Moments

    I know down here, they have had some blogger gatherings, I have not had the time to get to one Rowena. I like the sound of mystique too. But I bet it would inspire new fresh writing meeting so many passionate bloggers.

  6. roweeee Post author

    That’s fine, Monika. It was an absolutelu incredible sunset and it’s good to hear you’re both getting some vicarious enjoyment. I am always looking at photos overseas and dreaming!

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