Catharsis!…A Poem.

Words trickle down the page;
iridescent raindrops
growing wings,
taking flight.

A catharsis,
the fog now lifts.
A croakiness clears.
The lark has returned.

Rowena Newton

written on the train on the way to Sydney yesterday 17th August, 2015. I’d had a rough time getting the kids off to school and was heading off to Surry Hills on the way to a medical appointment. Well, Surry Hills wasn’t on the way but nothing better than a detour.

My apologies to the lark for substituting it with a sea gull in the photo but this gull is in a league of it’s own…a Jonathon Livingstone Seagull perhaps…

xx Rowena

5 thoughts on “Catharsis!…A Poem.

  1. roweeee Post author

    Thanks, Kath. I wrote it on the train on the way down to Surry Hills. I’d had terrible trouble trying to get the kids off to school and they were late, which was cutting into my precious Surry Hills time so finally getting on the train and writing in the journal was very cathartic. I haven’t been writing as much in the journal lately due to the blog but I’ve realised that there’s so much private stuff, which I still need to process and get out and in a sense, I’d become blocked up.
    By the way, you might appreciate this. My daughter sang in Showcase at Laycock Street Theatre with the school choir and we went along. Showcase features the best of the public school live acts etc on the coast. I was totally blown away by the talent there. There were two performances which really moved me. One was “Crazy” and the other sang “Chandelier” while playing on a grand piano. She reminded me of Delta Goodrem. I experienced that song in a whole new way. I think of my real self as being a real lover of life swinging from the chandelier but there are all these realities like those difficult moments with the kids, my illness which drag me down or it’s also a bit like swinging across a crocodile pit. Somehow, I make it to the other side but boy it’s been a rough journey.

  2. Minuscule Moments

    Im there too, we all have our good and not so good parenting days but you do an amazing job considering your extra health issues. I hope the croc pit shrinks soon and all you are left with is green, green grass to play on with the kiddies xxx

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