Photo Booth: Centrepoint Tower, Sydney.

After Miss finished her audition, we caught the bus into the city and we caught the lift up Centrepoint Tower. On the way up, we found ourselves being photographed in front of a green screen and when we returned, these irresistible photos were waiting at the counter…$40.00 Mum. How could Mum say “No”? They were incredible shots and that T-shirt Miss is wearing looks a rather surreal with that rabbit on the front..especially when you look at all the amazing places we ended up!

Coming up next, we’ll have our 360 degree guided tour of Sydney and I’ll try to match the aerial photos up with images taken on the ground. This is going to be fun.

Stay tuned,

xx Rowena & Miss.

Miss in front of a Sydney nightscape.

Miss in front of a Sydney nightscape. You wouldn’t catch her standing out on a ledge like that, especially on her own.

The view from Centrepoint Tower

The view from Centrepoint Tower

Transported to Sydney's New Year's Eve Fireworks extravaganza.

Transported to Sydney’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks extravaganza.

Captured by the Ginormous Koala demanding more gum leaves.

Captured by the Ginormous Koala demanding more gum leaves.

10 thoughts on “Photo Booth: Centrepoint Tower, Sydney.

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  2. New Journey

    Oh my what great photos…I love all the different back drops they use….what a fun day, just for the girls….I think its important for both parents to spend alone time with each child…just goes for building that special relationship and great memories….and what a great experience for her to audition, it only will build her character and strength….hope she is not to down from not getting a call back….XXkat

  3. roweeee Post author

    She’s fine. She’s been riding her bike and off to drama this afternoon.
    I am definitely needing to have some time with our son now. Oneday, my husband and I might even go out on a date again! It was our 14th wedding anniversary yesterday. We were barely with it but I did get the photos out to show the kids and we had wine and chocolates. We’ll be heading off to Byron Bay soon so I think we’ll celebrate then xx Ro

  4. New Journey

    Happy Anni…..yes you deserve a date night…looking back at my marriages to my kids father….we never took time for us….only in bed…and that’s nice but there should be more….so yes you must have a date night…I think it helps keep ourselves connected….I am off to google Byron Bay, sounds wonderful…glad she isn’t brooding over the rejection, she seems like a very logical girl… gotta take the up s and the downs in life…..xxKat

  5. roweeee Post author

    Thank you very much. It was funny when we had them taken because they asked us to do all these poses and it was done in front of a green screen and we had no idea what they were doing. I am used to being behind the lens so it was quite a change for me but a lot of fun with great results…and another $40.00 gone. xx Rowena

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