100 Interesting Facts about Famous Authors

If you are wanting to sound erudite at your next writers’ meeting, some of these literary snippets would definitely help xx Rowena

Interesting Literature

100 fun facts about writers and their fascinating lives

On Twitter we recently reached the 100,000 followers milestone. (Hurrah! And do follow us @InterestingLit if you’re also a tweeter.) To celebrate the occasion, we’ve gathered together one hundred of our favourite facts about famous authors. We hope you enjoy them! Where there’s a link on an author’s name, we’ve linked to our post about that particular author (usually part of our five fascinating facts series – indeed, if you like these facts, check out that series).

Virginia Woolf was the granddaughter of novelist William Makepeace Thackeray.

Aldous Huxley was the great-nephew of Matthew Arnold.

Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, lived next door to Mark Twain.

Evelyn Waugh’s first wife’s name was Evelyn. They were known as ‘He-Evelyn’ and ‘She-Evelyn’.

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5 thoughts on “100 Interesting Facts about Famous Authors

  1. Francesca

    I noticed you made a comment on/liked A.J. Goode’s page. You should be aware that A.J. Goode demeans other authors to promote herself out of pity. She’s insecure and doesn’t have any self respect so she will do things like that. Normally, I don’t go to her supporters page to gossip, but just thought you should know who you’re dealing with when you’re talking to A.J. Goode. She’s not as pleasant as she seems in her blog posts.

    I have been ignoring her for the longest time and my blog posts are response to her name calls and rumors on the Amazon forum.

    She has been bashing my good name for three years [and supports an anonymous troll who takes pictures of my dead dog and writes libelous texts on my images. How would you feel if someone was saving your pictures and writing crude texts on them?] She has been attempting to sabotage my writing career because I’m a better writer than her.

    Every time I publish my stories, she’s always leaving one star reviews on my stories and when it gets done back to her, she thinks I’m threatened by her lack of career. I don’t particularly care for that woman, but A.J. Goode is not as pleasant as she blogs like.

    You should see her posts at the Amazon forum: drama filled and manipulative, childish, and for a woman in her 50s, she acts like a teenager.

    Careful you post to on the Web. She can turn on you any second, in fact that’s what she did to a fellow supporter of mine. A friend of mine was the bigger person and tried to be nice to A.J. Goode. A.J. Goode then created a fake account called “curlysue” and left a one star review on my friend’s book. That is how two-faced A.J. Goode is and you should distance yourself from her and her drama.

  2. roweeee Post author

    I enjoyed them too. I’m too clumsy to pull off something like this and would probably mix the facts up and sound like an idiot instead. Actually, make that a pretensious twat!

  3. Francesca

    I really don’t normally gossip about others but A.J. Goode is a fake person who pretends to be nice to people’s faces while she creates a whole bunch of fake accounts to one star people’s books. I’m hoping that people will eventually ignore her altogether, but when she keeps making these pretend pleasant blog posts, I know people don’t know her the way I did at the Amazon KDP forum. Looking out for others…she is two-faced and no one needs her drama.

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