Byron Bay… Setting My Rainbow Feet Free.

Although I wouldn’t describe myself as stuffy, there’s something in the air at Byron Bay that makes me so relaxed that I almost fall apart. It’s the most fabulous feeling that I wish I could pump it into the air and make everyone all over the world feel that magic.

If you know Byron Bay at all, even just by reputation, you could cynically agree that there’s definitely something in the air. Something that you smoke. That’s why Byron Bay has that unique ambiance. However, I didn’t even sense a whiff of the stuff. I’m  talking about its natural beauty and how the sun, sky and sea gradually become white, powdery sand, green palms, jungle, green pastures dotted with cows or perhaps macadamia and coffee plantations until the earth meets the sky via those jagged blue hills.

The magic of Byron Bay is more than just going to the beach. Having a swim. This is something I actually take for granted and I live right near a beach and walk my dogs along the beach most mornings.

No, there’s something else. Something special which I don’t think anyone can truly name or understand which makes Byron Bay so special.

It just is.

Although I’ve shared some beautiful photos of Byron Bay, I thought this series of photos of my feet at the beach really captures how Byron Bay set me free. Indeed, as I relaxed I felt so liberated. That the layers of stress just peeled away, liberating the butterfly from her stiff and stuffy chrysalis to finally spread her wings and fly towards the sun.

The new still on.

The new arrival…shoes still on.

What you won’t appreciate simply by looking at this photo is that these shoes have practically been glued to my feet since I broke my foot last December. I had to wear a boot for about 3 months and then the physio told me it was joggers and I certainly haven’t worn any heels. Just the of pair of boots and now that Summer’s almost here, a pair of sandals. You could say I’ve been playing it safe but my feet have appreciated the extra support.

So my journey starts off with my feet in laced-up joggers…a bit over-dressed for the beach.

Especially when you don’t want to get your shoes wet.

Feet in the sand.

Feet in the sand.

Now that you’ve actually seen my feet, I trust you’ve noticed and admired my rainbow nail polish….thanks to my daughter. It’s become a bit of a holiday thing where she paints our nails rainbow colours. That’s been my choice more than hers. Seeing my rainbow toe nails makes me smile and when I had my foot in the boot, I caught quite a few people smiling at them. I’d just smile at them and say: “My daughter did it”. Oh how they sighed!

Mother & Daughter Feet: Not big feet and little feet anymore!

Mother & Daughter Feet: Not big feet and little feet anymore! Her feet are definitely catching up!

Rainbow Toes

Getting my feet wet.

Rainbow feet scudding through white powder.

Rainbow feet scudding through white powder.

As you can see, the shoes came off. I rolled up my cuffs and at least got my feet wet. While there were people swimming, it was still a bit cold for us. I managed to brave getting my feet wet and that was about it. Yet, I still have fun!

Have you ever been to Byron Bay? Any stories to share?

Take care and I hope you’re having a great week!

xx Rowena

PS: I just strayed across this excellent post about existence versus truly living, which contrasts free-range and battery hens. A great read:

21 thoughts on “Byron Bay… Setting My Rainbow Feet Free.

  1. roweeee Post author

    The rainbow colours make me mile. Somehow, I feel like I never really grew up. Thank goodness for the kids. They’re great camouflage!
    Mister’s feet are already the same size as mine and he looks set to be over 6ft and taller than Mum and Dad. My husband and I are about the same height. Miss looks like she’s going to be a fair bit shorter than me. Geoff’s sister is 5ft 2 with larger feet than mine and it doesn’t look odd.
    Speaking of feet, have you heard of Australian Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe. He’s known as the “Thorpedo”. He apparently has big feet. Maybe even huge feet and there have been a few comments about how they might have contributed to his success.

  2. gaiainaction

    Ha to get your feet into the water, into the sea, and to walk or curl your toes in the warm sand, how lovely and relaxing, and so good for the body and mind…. do enjoy to the full Rowena.

  3. Pingback: Byron Bay... Setting My Rainbow Feet Free.

  4. roweeee Post author

    How interesting. I often wonder what it would be like for us all to meet up. There’s been that blogging bash in London but thew people I chat with are all of the world and the costs involved in meeting up would be prohibitive no doubt…especially as blogging doesn’t always lead to financial riches!

  5. roweeee Post author

    Thanks very much. You don’t really think about how constricted your feet are wearing shoes every day and how good it feels just to walk barefoot along the beach and into the water. It’s even very good for improving balance and foot strength apparently. A hard job but someone’s got to do it!

  6. gaiainaction

    True Rowena, actually I have always been one for walking on bare feet even around the house, I just love the feel of my feet on the ground, however, the downside is that by now I find it had the odd time I wear high heels, they hurt my feet 🙂

  7. roweeee Post author

    I’ve always gone barefoot too. My husband grew up on a farm and doesn’t go barefoot very much. He also grew up in cooler Tasmania.
    I haven’t worn heels for awhile. I found a great pair of wedge heels which I could balance on. Indeed, I think my foot should be able to cope with them again…not that I go out anywhere suitable all that o9ften but a family wedding awaits. xx Rowena

  8. Minuscule Moments

    Rowena I love this post and your rainbow coloured feet. I have heard so much about Byron Bay but we usually dodge the crowds and go somewhere less busy. Im sure Byron Bay would have quiet times too though and I hope to get there one day. My daughter came home from a sleep over with her nails done exactly like this. We have not got our toes out since last summer. So I am on the search for a cool nail kit for her this summer. She does not like makeup but does love doing her nails. It is such a fun mummy and daughter thing to do.

  9. roweeee Post author

    Amelia and I aren’t girly girls but doing our nails has been fun. I also found a clay face mask from the Body Shop which warms up when you add water so it’s quite a sensual experience. I think it’s called A Mineral Warming Mask. Amelia is the only one in our family not allergic to scents so we avoid those. There are spots outside Byron which aren’t so crowded. Broken Head is pretty quiet and although there’s a caravan park it’s more a local knowledge place. Because I’ve got a Disabled Parking Permit, we do venture into Byron because I can usually get a spot. Going in Winter may be quiter too. Definitely worth trying to find a way where you could experience Byron in a way you’d feel comfortable.

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