Bird O’Clock

For the bird lovers out there, here’s a extension of my recent Lazy Birds post

Kath Unsworth from Minuscule Moments has some beautiful photographs of some of our beautiful Australian birds. You can check her post out here:

xx Rowena

3 thoughts on “Bird O’Clock

  1. roweeee Post author

    You’re welcome, Cindy. I generally love introducing people to each other who would hit it off and it’s too easy to introduce like people via the blog. I haven’t been to that aviary myself but have been to one at Taronga Zoo and will have to revisit my photos.

  2. Alex Hurst

    Some beautiful birds! I miss large, open aviaries, but Japan is far too small for them! They have a couple in the larger zoos, but they don’t usually house native birds.

    Instead, we go down to the local river to watch the ducks, herons, egrets, and kites. The kites are pretty fearless though. I was sitting down to a sandwich one day and a kite swooped right between my girlfriend and I and stole the whole thing! Left a bloody gash in my thumb on the way out and smacked my cheek to boot. 😛 A couple months later, another one stole my girlfriend’s cookie, right out of her hand!

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