Weekend Coffee Share: 25th October, 2015

If we were having coffee or indeed decaf something because it’s getting late, I’d be offering you one of my home-made Choc Chip & Macadamia Nut Cookies. They’re not long out of the oven and they’re absolutely scrumptious…much better than the Vegemite toast I offered you last week and was almost universally rejected.

My husband isn’t much of a Vegemite lover either and disapprovingly calls it “axle grease”. However, he’s become a bit of a convert this week as that infamous Aussie Vegemite sandwich makes a great decoy for the dog’s tablets.

In case you haven’t met our dogs, we have two dogs, Bilbo and Lady. Bilbo is a 9 year old Border Collie who is completely and utterly ball obsessed and I must say a little on the anxious side. The crazy mutt with go and stand outside in the rain until he’s completely and utterly soaked but traditionally wouldn’t get his paws wet at the beach let alone go for a swim. With increased exposure and watching more than a couple of his cherished balls float away, he’ll now go about paw deep but that’s it. He certainly wouldn’t make a good Lifesaver.

Lady being quite the "dog hog" taking up both the huge woolen blanket and dog bed, leaving Bilbo shivering on the door mat before I intervened. I'm sure many blokes who've lost the doona mid-winter would say: "typical woman". I do think Lady also tries to live up to her name and sometimes even Bilbo is treated like the "Tramp".

Lady being quite the “dog hog” taking up both the huge woolen blanket and dog bed, leaving Bilbo shivering on the door mat before I intervened. I’m sure many blokes who’ve lost the doona mid-winter would say: “typical woman”. I do think Lady also tries to live up to her name and sometimes even Bilbo is treated like the “Tramp”.

Lady is a 3 year old Border Collie x Cavalier. She’s basically black with patches of white on her chest and paws. We’ve only had her for a year and she comes from a farm up around Tenterfield. Her paperwork says that she’s a “working dog” but to be perfectly honest, that dog hasn’t done a day’s work in her life…unless it involves hunting rabbits. At the time we found Lady, Bilbo was slowing down and really wasn’t looking great. We’d lost our last Border Collie when he was 8 and so we decided to get a cross-over dog. However, it seemed that Bilbo perked up with Lady around and has lost about 15 kilos and while he’s not moving around like a pup, he really has had a new lease of life.

However, the downside of Lady’s arrival was that she introduced the most indestructible fleas on the planet to poor Bilbo, who’s never had a flea allergy before in his life and suddenly his skin went ultra berserk. Thursday night, he seemed to have a temperature and his eyes were a bit bloodshot and he was clearly unwell.

Friday, he was off to the vet and I was really becoming concerned. I was thinking back to when I’d taken our last Border Collie to the vet simply because he wasn’t eating and it turned out that he had a tumour. I asked how long he had left and I was thinking 6 months but then she said a few days and even suggested putting him to sleep. I just couldn’t grasp that he was that sick and took him home. Emotionally, I felt like I’d been shot in the heart but as I said, the news really hadn’t sunk in.

Fortunately, the news for Bilbo was nowhere near as grim and he’s been given cortisone and antibiotics…and the Vegemite sandwiches.

Bilbo appropriating another dog's ball.

Bilbo appropriating another dog’s ball.

I can’t help wondering what he thinks about all of this. Cortizone is a powerful drug and he’s on 40mg per day. I was told that he’d feel hungry and thirsty but I’m also wondering whether he’s getting any of the side-effects I’ve had on prednisone and whether he’s euphoric, angry and even though I didn’t think his ball obsession could get any worse, an addict on steriods is a very scary prospect indeed.

He’s a smart dog and I can just imagine him thinking: “Hey they don’t make those Vegemite sandwiches quite like they used to!

He’s starting to look a bit better but it’s going to take awhile for his crowning glory to get back into shape. He currently looks dreadful.

Aside from looking after the dog this week, I’ve been coughing badly again and it’s been driving me nuts. Seems that I don’t have an infection and it’s viral and so no point with the antibiotics but I’ve gone back on the nebuliser which helped…along with the fruit smoothies. I am feeling a bit better.

Prime Minister John Curtin

Prime Minister John Curtin

In between falling apart, we’ve been working on my son’s assignment on Australian Prime Minister John Curtin. John Curtin was in office 1941-1945 but died roughly six months before the end of the Pacific War after the stress undermined his health. I am a Curtin and all my life people have asked me whether I’m related to that John Curtin. Well, it now turns out that I’m not but we do have a few other John Curtin’s in our family so all wasn’t lost.

I became quite engrossed in his assignment so rather than completely taking over and undermining what he was doing, I wrote a post about how much a parent should be helping their child with their homework and am working on a post going into a brief overview of his time in office.

Here’s the first post: https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2015/10/25/australia-during-wwii-what-i-learned-from-my-sons-homework/

If we were having coffee, I would ask you if you have been reading any good books lately.

This week I made a decent start of Stephen King’s writing memoir: On Writing (Scribner, 2000). I’ve never read any of his fiction but I am really enjoying his writing style in this book and it has some great tips including:

“If you’re just starting out as a writer, you could do worse than strip your television’s electric plug-wire, wrap a spike around it, and then stick it back into the wall. See what blows, and how far.”

Anyway, I have to head off now as I have an early start.

I hope you’ve had a great week and I ;look forward to catching up on your news tomorrow when I drop in for coffee at your place.

Here’s the linky: http://www.inlinkz.com/new/view.php?id=575563

xx Rowena

PS: Have you ever considered the irony that people who love animals want to be vets and yet aside from the posty, who do animals fear most? The Vet is like the canine equivalent of us going to the dentist!

36 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: 25th October, 2015

  1. maxwellthedog

    Comparing Vegemite to axle grease is disparaging to axle grease.Alas poor Bilbo, his afflictions just seem to keep coming but I am glad to hear the latest malady is treatable. I hate when a pupster is ill and gives you that look that says he trusts you implicitly to find a way to provide relief to him when in fact there is darn little that can be done. I don’t know if Lady provides any canine sympathy or support to the Ball Thief but imagine they stick together. Now, go get yourself healthy and free of that cough!

  2. merrildsmith

    Hope you and the dogs are feeling better soon! We spent the afternoon at our younger daughter’s, so we got in some doggy time today.
    Even though our cats are strictly indoor cats, we apply Revolution monthly because our other cats got fleas once, even though they were also indoor cats–I think I brought the fleas in from a field. I was the one who was the most affected by them! One of cats now, once had some kind of sore that didn’t heal for a long time, and the vet thought it might have been a bug bite of some sort. Didn’t the fleas get in your house, too? It makes me feel itchy just thinking about it. 🙂

  3. Diana

    What cute pups! We have a border collie mix—likely a border collie/westie mix, but we’re just not sure, as he’s a rescue pup. He’s utterly adorable and mischievous. Luckily, he isn’t too bad about taking medications, and he actually likes his vet.

  4. roweeee Post author

    Your dog sounds adorable. The vet has spoken to be about Bilbo being skittish and wary of strangers so he probably is more extreme. I’ll need to take Lady to get her shots soon so I’ll be interested to see what she’s like. She much more mellow so might even like the Vet too. Take care xx Rowena

  5. roweeee Post author

    We went to Palm Beach for a few weeks about 6 months ago and Geoff popped back and he said the fleas had gone out of control. He flea bombed the place twice to get rid of them, which we’ve never had to do before or since. We put flea collars on them and we;’re back to using what I thin k is called Nexguard. I’m giving them an annual heart worm shot. I’ve just hot washed their bedding again so hopefully the fleas will move somewhere else. Take care x Rowena

  6. roweeee Post author

    Thanks, Trent. We both seem to be on the mend but my cough seems to be the sort that goes away but comes back again. Doesn’t seem to want to move out of home. xx Rowena

  7. roweeee Post author

    Thanks very much, Tom. It was a relief that his problems were treatable. While they haven’t become the terrible twins, the dogs do get on well and certainly stick up for each other when they’re out together. I seem to be a lot better today so hopefully that cough is on the way out! Take care and I hope Max’s Halloween preparations are going well! xx Rowena

  8. roweeee Post author

    Thanks. By the way, he asked if you’d mind popping over and throwing the ball for him. Said that would make him feel a lot better! xx Rowena

  9. Ula

    Thanks for the chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies, an improvement over last week’s “axle grease.” 😉 I’m a big fan of cookies with chocolate and nuts. I was actually thinking of making some recently, so maybe I’ll bake some next weekend.
    Your dogs are adorable. I hope Bilbo will be OK. I love dogs. I have one, too. Her name is Inka. Dogs can sometimes be better than people.
    Have a wonderful week, Rowena.

  10. painkills2

    Stephen King is one of my favorite authors. If you’re looking for shorter versions of his books, try movies like The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, and of course, The Shining. Good scary movies for Halloween, except Google says Australians don’t celebrate Candy Day. Does that mean there’s no Halloween candy on sale in Australia? No candy corn? No Russell Stover’s dark chocolate and caramel pumpkins?

  11. roweeee Post author

    Thanks for the recommendations re Stephen King. I’ll have to try one of them as I really am enjoying his writing style. Horror isn’t my genre but I might surprise myself!
    I’ll have to check out the Halloween candy. None of those things ring a bell but we have been celebrating halloween more in Australia over the last 5 years and my kids do dress up and trick o’ treat.
    You’ll laugh at this. I’ve been reading quite a few references in different blogs about things made out of pumpkin and while pumpkin soup is popular here, it seems that pumpkin is in alot of things over there. Is that because of the halloween pumpkin theme? Just wondering….Hope you’re having a great day! xx Rowena

  12. painkills2

    While some might describe Stephen King as a horror writer, I think he’s more like a supernatural writer. But if you don’t like horror, I would suggest his book 11/22/63, about “a time traveler who attempts to prevent the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which occurred on November 22, 1963.” It’s a long read but a wonderful ride. 🙂

    I think I’m glad that I’ve never heard of pumpkin soup, as pumpkins don’t taste good at all. Here in the U.S., Halloween and Thanksgiving go together, and both holidays include things made with pumpkin spice (and sometimes canned pumpkin). But I use pumpkin spice year round, as well as the spices that make up pumpkin spice — cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and allspice. Yum. 🙂

  13. roweeee Post author

    Pumpkin soups is very popular here in Winter. It’s usually made with butternut pumpkin and it very smooth and creamy. Served up with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkling of chopped chives. There are also variations such as Asian themes with cilantro and chilli. Beautiful!

  14. roweeee Post author

    Thanks very much, Ula. What type of dog is Inka? Dogs definitely have incredible empathy and are so beautiful.
    Bilbo has been so hungry this week on the prednisone. He is quite a begging dog but he has this crazed desperation now. 40mg of cortizone is high for a human let alone a dog. However, it’s working and his skin is finally clearing up! xx Ro

  15. painkills2

    Okay, the pumpkin soup with cilantro sounds interesting, but tomato soup is better. Even better would be some chicken tortilla soup… with a few white corn tortilla chips on top, sprinkled with colby cheese… or some black bean soup… Looks like it’s time to eat. 🙂

  16. roweeee Post author

    I’ve never heard of chicken tortilla soup but it sounds lovely. I have to be careful with my tomato intake due to reflux.

  17. roweeee Post author

    Thanks very much Annabelle. I’ve posted my quote for today.
    I’m really enjoying Stephen KIng’s book and I love the toolbox idea. I’m just on the grammar section at the moment. After reading this, I’m definitely going to have to read some of his novels.
    Thanks for your concern for Bilbo. He is on the mend but while his skin is healing, it’s been coming off like snow and his tail fur has largely fallen out. So, at the moment, we have Lady and the Tramp…poor boy! xxRowena

  18. roweeee Post author

    Crikey, mate! He said. He just landed somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a splash and said his tail makes a lousy outboard.

  19. painkills2

    I have a lot of sympathy for those who can’t eat tomatoes (or chocolate). Because of my jaw problems, I’ve had to give up a lot of foods that I love. And it sucks. 🙂

  20. Ula

    She’s a mutt and she is beautiful – can be regal at times (when she wants to be). Good to hear things are improving.

  21. Nooce Miller

    I do hope Bilbo is better! Both your dogs are lovely!
    This was another nice Weekend Coffee Share post from you. You might remember me from last week (mmmm, that vegemite!) I apologize for skipping a weekend, but I was out of the house and off of the internet and left off blogging completely. I’ll do better this week, as I already have a post ready to go. See you Saturday!

  22. roweeee Post author

    Thank you very much, Noose. I do remember you. Bilbo is doing muchbetter, thank you very much. The vet did warn me that the cortisone would make him hungry and I joked at the time that he is always hungry but this hunger is quite something else and when a sheepdog has something on their mind, they become very focused! I’m currently having lunch and a nose is parked on my lap with a sense of total desperation oozing from two brown eyes. I am quite used to the uber-friendliness at lunchtime but he’s definitely revved it up a lot!Plus, he knows I give in. I look forward to catching up over the weekend xx Rowena

  23. Tena Carr

    You’ve got some nice dogs. Don’t recall the coloring of Lady in “Lady and the Tramp, but your Lady looks like a lady.

  24. roweeee Post author

    Thank you very much, Tena. I think Lady from Lady & the Tramp was golden or what they call a blenheim, which is like a caramel and white. xx Rowena

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