Australia Vs England…the Reliant Robin. It’s Definitely NOT Cricket!

It’s a shame cricket commentator Richie Benaud isn’t around to do the commentary on what might have been the greatest moment in the history of sporting battles. I can just picture him from up in the commentary box with a haircut and suit only he could get away with with his usual mantra: “marvellous!”.

However, given that Richie Benaud was a man of few words, he’d probably tell me:

“My mantra is: put your brain into gear and if you can add to what’s on the screen then do it, otherwise shut up.”

 Richie Benaud

A crowd full of Richie Benauds think the play is "marvellous"!!

A crowd full of Richie Benauds think the play is “marvellous”!!

However, sometimes what’s on the screen demands considerable explanation.

Such as a soccer match involving two teams of Reliant Robins and an oversized,  inflatable soccer ball.

Please explain!

Last year, the BBC’s motoring show, Top Gear, came out to Australia. While this event might not have been the official highlight of their tour, it was certainly the most outlandish.

There was a soccer game played between two teams driving a three-wheeled English car, the Reliant Robin. The aim was to knock the ball into the nets to score a goal and naturally, to also keep all three wheels on the ground so you didn’t fall over.

In the United Kingdom, the Robin is often the butt of jokes and is sometimes affectionately nicknamed the “Plastic Pig” due to its distinctive shape and fibreglass body shell. The Robin was first manufactured in October 1973 featuring a 750cc engine. In 1975, it gained a number of improvements including an engine boost to 850cc. The Reliant Robin was well received in the 1970s because of good design executed by Ogle Design, (who had previously designed the Bond Bug, and Reliant Scimitar) and affordable price[considering 70mpg and 85 mph is possible, and orders increased with the 1970s fuel crisis. You could also drive it with a motorbike licence at certain stages.

So, you could just imagine Australia versus England in these crazy, madcap contraptions..the laughing stock of the Commonwealth!

What you might not know is that there is quite a bit of rivalry between Australia and England. Some of it good natured but it also can get brutal. While we might have fought a few World Wars with England on the battlefield, there’s definitely no such allegiance on the sporting field…especially when it comes to cricket’s Ashes Series or the rugby. This is all out war and an absolute national disgrace if your team is thrashed!

Boys and their toys Top Gear's James May and Australian Top Gear Host, Shane Jacobsen.

Boys and their toys Top Gear’s James May and Australian Top Gear Host, Shane Jacobsen.

While I only found out about this epic race the other night, my husband Geoff and our son were actually there and saw the thing live. Not that they actually took many photos because they were too busy photographing big engines and Top Gear personalities instead.

The Red Bull Car as driven by Daniel Ricardo.

The Red Bull Car as driven by Daniel Ricardo. What a contrast to the Robin!

Anyway, in addition to my role as Australia’s self-appointed Cultural Ambassador, I thought we could all do with a laugh. This has to be the wackiest thing I’ve seen in awhile and that’s quite an endorsement!

Before I give you the link, it does warn of possible offensive language. I don’t have sound on my computer so I apologise if it’s too extreme. Surely, English gentlemen wouldn’t be too obscene?!!

I hope that gave you a laugh, especially if you’re in the throws of trying to get through the Nano challenge this month.

xx Rowena

19 thoughts on “Australia Vs England…the Reliant Robin. It’s Definitely NOT Cricket!

  1. roweeee Post author

    I was so excited to find it. I really love such quirky stuff and it’s excellent material for the blog. Glad you enjoyed it! xx Ro

  2. roweeee Post author

    Merril, thanks so much for putting me onto that article. It was fabulous. I’ll have to mention it in my weekend coffee share, although I’ll try to see the movie first. The four of us want to see it and it’s been hard to coordinate, especially as Mister has had a lot of Scout camps on. I like the bit about how Oddball doesn’t do guest appearances. I would also have to point out why you could use a Border Collie for the job. If Bilbo is any example, all his food is inhaled within second and he’s still hungry. I can’t see either dog protecting the penguin either. They’d be dispatched and Lady is unfortunately a hunter. Hope you’re having a great week xx Rowena

  3. roweeee Post author

    Even I a devoted anti-motor sports person, has started to like Top Gear. They can be absolutely hilarious. Of course, my husband and son love them xx Ro

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  5. roweeee Post author

    Not sure about Bilbo. Thought he was looking better but spotted another flea yesterday on his despite treatments and thought he was starting to atack himself again today. The vet wants him back to eyeball him so hopefully she can see him tomorrow. He’s still famished! Thanks so much for your concern. xx Ro

  6. derrickjknight

    Benaud was the greatest. The 2005 Ashes series reinvigorated cricket in England. The photograph of Andrew Flintoff comforting Brett Lee became iconic; as did the Reliant Robin in the TV series ‘Only Fools and Horses’. I can’t stand top Gear. Those are my thoughts for the day 🙂

  7. merrildsmith

    Hope you’re having a great week, too. My husband and I went out to lunch yesterday in a nearby town, and then walked around there and in a park. It was such a beautiful day–we didn’t need jackets!

  8. roweeee Post author

    Ironically, your weather sounds much better than ours at the moment. We’re having terrible weather here…cold, wet, electric blanket back on at night. Well at least when I get into bed.
    The boy gets back from Canberra tomorrow night. It’s been very quiet. Always is with just one of them at home.
    I’m working on writing about my time in Paris back in 1992. Have been reading my journal tonight and it’s been quite intriguing. i had forgotten so much. I spent over a month there after I finished uni. In many ways it was great but it was a very unstable time in my life and the same with many of the people we met. Very lost. It was like we’d all gone to Paris search for answers but only found questions and some kind of existential angst.

  9. TanGental

    Ha! I have to say the presenters on Top Gear are cleanly arseholes but find it very funny (sorry Derrick). And is your reference to the Cultural Rep ironic or is it an allusion to one of your finest exports, Sir Les Patterson? You are following a difficult act. Finally I recall a show when the representatives of our two nations were recounting things we’ve swapped – ‘you gave us Marmite, we gave you Vegemite’ sort of thing and they came to cricket – England: ‘We gave you cricket’ Australia ‘And we gave you a bloody good hiding’.

  10. New Journey

    Poor buddy…those fleas are relentless…I have used eucalyptus branches and oil…but depends on the fleas as I found out….my sister used to take her dog down and get him in the ocean, salt water….but again she said it didn’t faze some of the fleas….poor guy…vitamin B is another therapy I have heard about….just some idea that I have used, some helped some didn’t…..xxkat

  11. roweeee Post author

    I have been meaning to get him with some tea tree oil or eucalyptus. It usually takes a very focused strong intention for me to implement things. I actually bathed him in Malaseb today.
    Funny you should mention swimming in the ocean because we’re obviously just down the road from the beach but at best, he’ll just get his paws wet and that’s to retrieve his ball. He should be getting plenty of Vitamin B with the Vegemite sandwiches containing his tablets. Thanks for your help though. He’s still famished and crazed. Hopefully he settles down now that the cortisone has been cut back. Hope you’ve had a great week xx Rowena

  12. New Journey

    glad this pills are done….I hate it when our animals are ill, they have such small worlds they live in as it is…then to be sick and not understand it on top of that…well just glad he is on the recovery side of of it….hope your feeling well….the summer sun should help dry out your cough….as we are going into winter my husbands COPD is acting up…we are leaving in 6 days for the desert hope its warm, they have been having rain….LOL good weekend to you my Aussie friend…xxxxxkat pull Bilbo’s ear for me…..(my sign of love to my dog….)

  13. roweeee Post author

    Bilbo just asked me: “What are you doing to my ear?” Hope the desert helps your husband’s lungs. I know all about Winter and lungs…blerk! I have to start getting back out there again. I’m not as mobile after not walking as much and must have gained weight and the dogs want walks so hopefully the rain stops and my good habits return xx Ro

  14. New Journey

    thanks for the ear tug….my lovely little 4 legged friend had a dementia moment last night…she sleeps in the office and we have a baby gate across the door as I can’t trust her on her own in the livingroom and kitchen…her manners leave something to be desired…she was up trying to get out at 11p…I yelled at her to go back to bed, but she insisted she needed to break out…so at midnight I was up and let her into the backyard…well after 15 minutes I had to go outside to find her sitting on the other side of the house….oh hummm doing nothing…so in we went…and getting her back to bed was like chasing a wild donkey around the house….corralled once again…I went back to dream world…she was right back at it at 2a, and again at 4a…so needless to say I didn’t get much sleep because Chika wanted to romp…LOL if it had been a warm summer night, the garage would of been her dorm room for the night, but it was in high 30’s last night to cold to have her old bones in the garage….so I would of liked to clip her ears last night….I get up this morning and she is so asleep she barely opened one eye to say good morning…LOL and yes hope the desert is dry…they have been having lots of rain this year….hope the sun is shining in your part of the world….xxkat

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