Introducing School Spectacular.

As I mentioned in my previous post, our daughter performed with her school choir at School Spectacular last weekend. As most of you live overseas, I thought I’d give you a brief introduction to “School Spec”…the extravaganza of a lifetime!


The Marching Band Performing Outside.

Held at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, the 2015 Schools Spectacular involved 3,600 performers from more than 400 public schools. Fifty-one featured artists were joined by 2,000 dancers and a 1500-voice choir. You can just imagine how that all looked under lights!

The 2015 theme—This is our World—reflected the dreams and hopes of young people through the medium of music and dance.

The Schools Spectacular is a real melting pot involving students of varying ages, cultures, skills and socio-economic backgrounds, hailing from country, metropolitan and isolated regions of NSW.


Miss Spectacular

Our daughter performed with the Combined Choir, under Choral Director Ian Jefferson. They accompanied featured artists right throughout the night, performing 30 songs complete with actions after an intensive rehearsal schedule. I was getting tired just watching them but although a few fell asleep before the finale, most of them just kept going and going and going like the famed Eveready bunny.


The Combined Choir during the Finale. This was around 11.00 PM and they were still going!

As you’d expect, the usual platitudes get rolled out at these events and yet there is such truth. Saying that being in School Spectacular is something you’ll never forget isn’t just rhetoric. It’s so true. Moreover, it really does give the kids the experience of what it means to perform in a big, professional production what with grueling rehearsal schedules, being on time and being part of a team. They are also touched by the more experienced performers and absorb their experience like thirsty sponge.

I should also mention that it doesn’t take long to realise that School Spec isn’t just about showcasing young talent. It’s also about promoting Public Education and showing off all it has to offer. That it isn’t second best.

As a creative person myself from a family of musical performers, what I do know is that it’s not always easy to get that opportunity to perform and like writers getting published, for many musicians they’re desperate to be heard. Have that venue and feel the exhilaration of performing in front of such a large, vibrant crowd…the thrill!


The Finale.

If you are local, School Spectacular will be televised on Saturday 7.00 PM and you can look out for Miss Speck-tacular among the sea of white shirts.

xx Rowena






8 thoughts on “Introducing School Spectacular.

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  2. roweeee Post author

    Yes. What I like about the participation process is that there are plenty of group opportunities and the kids themselves don’t need to be great but they do need to work hard, turn up consistently and have a passion for it. The school sends in an audition tape. So, I guess as long as you’re not tone deaf or have terrible rhythm, once your choir is in, you’re in. That gives a lot of kids a taste of performing in such a big and spectacular production, which especially for the primary school kids, is incredible. They interviewed a few of the young, featured performers and it was like they’d won the Lottery and you couldn’t hep but be caught up in their happiness!

  3. roweeee Post author

    I cheated on the rehearsals front. She stayed with her friend and her grandmother for almost a week across the road from the entertainment centre. They were on level 43 and the view was like Centrepoint. She does like the high life!

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